Jobs For Women

In today’s era, women are not less important than men; they are given equal opportunities as men. Women are coming out of their inner shells and stepping into the outer world to explore their ideas and talent by opting for the career of their choice.

Women are known as the best multi-taskers who can perform different responsibilities right from managing their personal and social life to a progressive career. They have established their position in society. As it is rightly said that “Woman is the eye of the Nation.”

Nowadays, a woman, along with the other duties, are giving equal importance to their career. There are various fields in private sectors and public sectors, through which woman can prove their ability, intelligence, and skills.

नारीशक्ति शक्तिशाली समाजस्य निर्माणं करोति

It means that Woman empowerment can make society powerful. To support this, we need to ensure that more women can pursue the right career that fits their personality and lifestyle. Some women work for the passion and some for the need, but the essential thing they want is they feel comfortable and gets good earning from it. This blog will help all those women to choose amongst the best job options highlighted below:

Education and Teaching

A woman is always known to be the first teacher of a child. Certain qualities of women which make her the world’s best teacher is patience, affection, foresightedness, and her positive attitude towards the problems of life. Teaching can be in different forms, such as a professor, lecturer, counselor, guide, policymakers, advisors and many more. Considering the versatility and importance of respectful work, she idealizes her position. Teaching is the most considered and excellent job for women as it is both safe and respected profession.


Any organization requires a leader to control and execute the working in an effective manner. A woman can be a great administrator as she possesses qualities like honesty, discipline, unbiased and effective management, transparency. In the Indian subcontinent, women are the whole and soul of any organization, either it is government or private or it is a CEO or a Bureaucrat, women are phenomenally successful and setting up milestones for others.

Banking sector

Banking services is one of the most critical industries in society. Women have proved their abilities in accounts and financial services. A banking job has certain positive points to attract women like:

  1. Fix timings
  2. Transferable
  3. A handsome amount of salary
  4. Simple and less stress as compared to other jobs
  5. Benefits of perks and leaves
  6. Promotions
  7. Work from home culture

Apart from the above points, there are many jobs directly or indirectly related to banking services like financial advisors, accountants, bankers, etc.,

Management services

Managers are the backbone of any firm or organization. Women are the most effective in managing the services, whether it is event management, hotel management industry, aviation industry, or any other private or public sectors. A manager must possess good communication skills, great planner, leadership qualities, and multi-tasker and women are inherent with all these qualities.

There are numerous benefits of management jobs for women, which include high salaries, the sophistication of the job, fixed timings, ample opportunities.

Medical services

There are a variety of jobs in medical services like physicians, nurses, surgeons, gynecologists, physiotherapists, dentists, and other super specialty doctors. A study by WHO shows that the number of aged patients recovering by female doctors is much more than male doctors. The care and treatment given by female doctors and nurses is incomparable. Considering today’s scenario, the scarcity of doctors in our country, as compared to the other countries, there has always been a high demand for qualified and talented doctors and researchers in our country.

Glamour and Entertainment industry

In old times, the glamour industry used to be a challenge for women. There was no family support, no guidance, no opportunities, but now the time has changed drastically. Now the glamour world is more of a dream job for everyone and there are no barriers for women. Women are actively participating in the field and achieving new heights with their art and creations. There has been a boom in the entertainment and glamour industries in few years. There are many opportunities for women interested in modeling, acting, scriptwriting, direction, singing, dancing, and many more. With the innovative technology of social media and advertisements, it has become easy to explore this field.

Designing Industry

Creative people are respected and promoted in every aspect; therefore, designing is one of the biggest platforms to show their talent. Designing is one of the most versatile jobs for women in our country.

There are lots of spheres in designing, such as fashion designing, jewelry designing, interior designing, software designing, structure designing, machine designing, etc.; many women have opted for entrepreneurship in the designing field. It is a long-term profitable business. Women are running big brand names that have been recognized globally.

Judiciary and legal services

Judiciary is one of the most important features of our Indian constitution. It is the ultimate body responsible for justice. Jobs related to legal services are the most respectful and decent. Lawyers are earning a lot on the base of their knowledge and sheer hard work. Private companies are also hiring legal professionals for the company matters. Company secretaries are also playing a vital role in the flourishment and protection of the business. Women are making us proud of being a part of the system. We see them as Judges, magistrates, advocates, lawyers, legal advisors, etc. There are certain qualities of women that make them suitable for the job, such as honesty, patience, clear vision, neutrality, non-discriminatory.

Engineering and Technology

In the fast-developing and competitive world, engineering and technology is the crucial element for sustainment. Women can find many opportunities in the field. Different shades of engineering include electronics, computers, civil, mechanical, aeronautical, biotechnology, robotics, remote sensing, structural, architectural, chemical, industrial, etc.

Journalism and Mass communication

Journalism is a profession where men and women are given equal preference. Women have always been the face of journalism. It is financially and socially suitable jobs for them. Women have the communication skill that binds the audience. The interaction skills and public relation techniques make them a better option for the media to opt for. Women are actively participating in advertising and have proved to be successful in each aspect.

Sports Industry

The sports have always fascinated men but now the time has changed, Women are adopting sports as their profession and competing at international level and making our country proud. In the 20th century, female participation in sports had dramatically increased. Women who aspire to pursue their career in the sports industry needs passion, capability, and dedication. The government organisations are also promoting the sports personalities on national and state level by offering benefits for the betterment of their lives.

Lastly, mentioning some of the great personalities like Kiran Bedi, Sania Mirza, Kalpana Chawla, Lata Mangeshkar, Indira Nooyi, Aishwarya Rai, Anjana Om Kashyap, Mary Kom, etc. who has proved themselves and has inspired all the women in every aspect of the life.