Earn Rs. 5,000 INR Associating With Post Office

If you are looking for a chance to earn good money in low investment, then this opportunity is very beneficial for you. By doing business with the Post Office, you can make a good income every month. The department has issued an official notification for the Post Office franchise. To start this business, you have to spend only Rs. 5,000/- . You can open a post office by spending Rs. 5,000/- .

Post Office Will Reach Everywhere

At present, there are about 1.55 lakh post offices in the country, but even after this, the post office has not been able to reach everywhere. The post office gives franchisees to spread its reach everywhere. Currently, the department is expanding its network rapidly, which you can take advantage of. Let us tell you how, you can grab post office franchise for just Rs. 5,000/-.

Two Way Franchise

Recently, the post office is offering two-way franchisees. One is Outlet Franchisee, and another is Postal Agents Franchisee. You can go for any of these two franchises. Let us know that there are many places across the country where there is a need to open a post office, but if the post office cannot get opened there, then a franchise outlet is opened to provide facilities to the people over there. Apart from this, agents who deliver postal stamps and stationery at the doorsteps in urban and rural areas. It is known as Postal Agents Franchise.

Conditions for Adopting Franchise

The person owning the franchise must be over 18 years of age. Other than this, any Indian person can adopt the franchise of the post office. Also, the person must have an eighth pass certificate from a recognized school. For this, you have to spend Rs. 5,000/-.

Depositing Rs. 5,000 for the Security purpose

If you want to take a franchise of the post office, then you have to pay a security deposit of Rs. 5,000. After getting a franchise, you are given a fixed commission according to your work. It can get you thousands of rupees a month.

Providing Door to Door Services by becoming Postal Agent

Apart from this, you have to provide facilities on your behalf to book the facilities provided to customers from the post office, such as stamps, speed posts, articles, stationery, and money orders. Let you know that these facilities can be delivered to customers from house to house by becoming postal agents.

Form to be Filled

You have to apply for the post office franchise. You can click on this official address (https://www.indiapost.gov.in/VAS/DOP_PDFFiles/Franchise.pdf). From here, you can apply for the franchise by downloading the form. Let also inform you that the people who will be selected has to sign an MOU with the post department. Only then will he be able to provide facilities to customers.