ZeroBounce†Review – The Best Email Validation System?


When it comes to maintaining a good reputation with the internet service provider and achieve a high deliverability rate, it has become a more challenging task. Even though the email address acquisition methods are organic and most of them generally follow the standards for email marketing, they still face the risk of falling victim to spam traps. Because of such traps, the bounce rates, as well as complaint rates, will find the reputation as a sender which the businesses canít afford to ignore. Here comes the important aspect of email verification which needs to be done by professional services.

But letís delve more into why email validation is necessary. For that letís look at the potential threats that businesses face.

A spam trap is specifically an email address which is usually active at some time no longer in use, which is then used to expose illegitimate senders wo generally add email addresses to their own lists without the permission of the user. Even though how good-intentioned it is, such traps not only help in discovering the bad senders, they also expose the marketers who fail to exercise control over email permission as well as list management practices.

Also, online websites usually use web forms where they ask the customers about their details as well as email address. During this process of filling the form, sometimes user intentionally or by error, enters a wrong email address.

In order to build an email list by accepting these email addresses, the list may end up filled with many wrongs and undeliverable email addresses.

In case you send emails to these wrong addresses, the bounce back email ration will be much higher. This can lead to negative effect on mail server reputation which is often monitored by Gmail, Yahoo, HotMail and other ISPs.

An IP address which has poor reputation can get blacklisted by these popular email services.

Here comes the important aspect called email validation.

Email verification is essentially a process which is used to determine whether a list of email addresses are valid as well as deliverable or not. It is also an address-by-address analysis of the emails which are from the uploaded list, in order to find their deliverability.


So, to mitigate this situation, there is a definite requirement of email validation system. We have reviewed many such systems and today we are going to discuss one of the leader in email validation systems, ZeroBounce. We will discuss its features, key characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages in detail. So letís start with its review.

ZeroBounce is an email validation system which provides a wide range of services, and it is essentially a WordPress plugin system which provides you the ability to redirect the visitors to your website to various websites should they choose to leave. It is an essential aspect of email verification of this system.

It is a market leader in online email validation systems which make sure that businesses which send complex, as well as high volume of emails, can avoid deliverability issues. This is attained through invalid email address as well as bounced email elimination along with IP address validation and verification of important recipient demographics.

Using this system, it is easy to reduce your websiteís bounce rate. By means of lowering the bounce rate, it helps in making things better to increase the ranking of the search results.

ZeroBounce also has a WordPress plugin too which makes it’s quite easy to use ZeroBounce created in WordPress CMS. ZeroBounce also provides you a variety of options like redirection as well as deactivation of redirection along with an update of posts via individual URL settings. It also provides the option of generation of code based on the site settings. This last feature was recently added to the ZeroBounce 2.0 version.

When it comes to email validation system, there are many features which are required. To find these features and characteristics of ZeroBounce, we used it for quite some time and decided to share our findings of this service with you, in case you are looking for the best email validation system.

So, letís look at the features of ZeroBounce which makes it among the best email validation system available in the market.

Features of ZeroBounce

  1. Detection of Email Bounce

In many cases, the websites end up with many emails which often turn out to be invalid for the businesses. These invalid emails need to be removed as it may affect the quality of the website along with its rate of deliverability. It is important to carry out email verification of such emails. ZeroBounce helps in detecting these invalid emails and then remove them with an efficiency which in return reduces the email bounce by a significant margin.

  1. Detection of Email Abuse & Spam Trap

This feature actually works as a security feature for your website. Your website might get many spam mails or different emails which are abusive as well as just unnecessary. Hence, it is quite important to detect such emails and remove them. ZeroBounce helps in removing such emails and hence frees up the space in your website which in turn enhances the website performance. This is an important aspect of email verification.

Toxic Domain Detection: This feature is used to find any abusive or spam email along with invalid emails and bot created emails which are available for domains.

  1. Appending Email Data

In common circumstances, some data may actually go missing from your website, and it generally becomes quite difficult to append or recover such data. The Email Data Append feature of ZeroBounce allows you to easily append the data which has gone missing. This is attained by finding the location, gender, as well as first and last content. In case the registration IP is also available or being provided to the system, then this system can append the data according to state or region, city as well as zip code and even by country.

  1. Disposable Email Detection

ZeroBounce also comes with an email verifier system which provides the ability to differentiate temporary from the real email addresses and helps in identifying the emails accounts which are generally used to hide the original email addresses.

  1. Email Validation API

This feature of ZeroBounce provides you an API which can hook onto the software on your site and then validate all the emails, automatically.

  1. Catching All Domain Detection

This feature is used to find domains as well as verify their return emails to find if they are valid or not.

  1. Overview Reports

ZeroBounce also provide an informative as well as a comprehensive report of how your data appears on the website. This report is quite essential to understand the efficiency of email verification done by ZeroBounce. This report is quite detailed and provides a larger view on the various working of the website as well as its appearance.


When it comes to first time users of ZeroBounce, it offers 100 free email validations.

In case of the users after registration, its email validation services are essentially divided into for lists:

  1. For $150 plan, ZeroBounce provides 100,000 email validations.
  2. For $250 plan, it provides 250,000 email validations.
  3. The $400 plan provides 500,000 email validations.
  4. $770 plan provides 1,000,000 email validations which are available.

Additionally, ZeroBounce also provides various features such as Catch All Domain Detection, Email Abuse Detection along with Email Gender Append, Toxic Email Detection as well as Disposable Email Detection and Bounce Detection. It also provides Email Validation API too. ZeroBounce also, provides an offer which gives 5000 email validations and $10.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

The USP is essentially the marketing strategies as well as advertising techniques which is used by the businesses to sell their products and services.

ZeroBounce believes in following a simple theory of having an easily accessible website which has detailed information for all of its potential users. This system is available at a relatively low price, and it comes with a various number of offers which can be used. This makes it an efficient email verification system which is quite affordable too.


  • It is quite easy to use after installation, and when it comes to new users especially, it is very convenient.
  • It also allows generation of codes or portion of code and these codes can be essentially used on HTML websites.
  • This email validation system works with fast performance, and it is quite efficient in cases when it comes to reducing the email bounce as well as spam detection.
  • It comes with a 30-day money back policy just in case you donít find their services favorable.


  • When it comes to installation via WordPress, it can be quite tricky especially for new users.
  • This system may not be usable or supported by all sites.
  • It needs to be regularly updated to the newer or pro versions.


Email detection and spam detection along with reducing bounce rate is important for any website to increase its search engine ranking. There are many email validation system which provides a multitude of features, but ZeroBounce provides a comprehensive list of features which help in email verification. It doesnít have any serious issue which can discourage the user to use it. It is quite convenient to use and among the best email validation site.

It provides a solution to all types of users such as bloggers, individual professionals, businesses as well as entrepreneurs who would like to create their own brand on the internet via email marketing. ZeroBounce is a great email validation system which is definitely worth a try especially for the above-mentioned features.

Now, we wrap up our review of ZeroBounce. How do you find it? What is your impression about ZeroBounce and our review? Comment in the section below and let us know about your views and suggestions.