Your Guide to Windows VPS Hosting

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Are you growing a budding website? Online is where most business transactions take place today, and running a well-functioning website is a must. Perhaps you’re new to web hosting. Or maybe you’re looking to upgrade from shared hosting or switch from the uber-expensive dedicated hosting. Well, let’s find out why Windows VPS hosting is an excellent alternative for smooth and powerful web hosting.

Windows VPS hosting provides the benefits of both shared hosting and dedicated hosting. It is the most cost-effective solution for quality web hosting, and here’s why.

But first, what is VPS hosting?

VPS expands to Virtual Private Server. It works like shared hosting, where you share server space with other clients. However, unlike shared servers, your server space is virtual and private. This happens via virtualization technology, where the server is divided into several virtual server spaces. This gives you complete control over your server space with customizable settings and freedom to operate whichever operating system you need.

VPS allows you all the freedom and benefits of a dedicated server but in a more cost-effective way. It is a secure, flexible, and highly efficient web hosting solution. 

VPS hosting with shared server space can get limiting over time. That is when your website is growing and experiencing a lot of traffic. In this scenario, you can seamlessly upscale to a VPS hosting with cloud infrastructure. This gives you multiple servers with highly scalable and secure server space. Besides, you only pay for space and resources you use. 

Windows VPS hosting

Windows VPS hosting is a VPS host configured to host websites that run on Windows operating systems. Windows VPS hosting is highly in demand, with windows being one of the most widespread and well-known operating systems. 

When you’re running a business whose existence and revenue depend primarily on websites, there is’nt a better alternative than getting the site hosted by a reliable server. This improves the overall functionality of your website and consequently your performance as a business or company.

Now, let’s dive deeper into why Windows VPS hosting is highly recommended. 

It’s great value for money, and here’s why

A budding website will only experience an increase in web traffic and the need for innovative tools and configurations for staying up to date. For this, a shared server can quickly become redundant and an unwise investment. Meanwhile, spending on a dedicated server on the go can be a huge and risky investment that costs you a good buck. 

Between these two extremes, VPS becomes the smart and most viable solution. It is closer to a shared server’s cost but with all the benefits of a dedicated server. The benefits are

Elimination of ‘Neighbour Drain’

With a Windows VPS, you no longer have to share resources with another site. You use the same physical server, but you get your share of virtual server space. You do not have to limit yourself to using the same operating system, a shared CPU, memory, and storage with other sites on the server. Your site’s functioning also remains unaffected by the traffic on other sites.  

More range of control

With Windows VPS hosting, you can choose among the different compatible Windows OS versions instead of sticking to what other sites are using. You can customize your server with management tools of your choice and test different apps. You can also easily upgrade to higher levels of processing power, memory, and hard drive. A cloud infrastructure VPS does precisely that. And you only pay for what you use. 

Higher security

Unlike shared hosting, VPS hosting virtually isolates each server space. This means that whatever problems another site may encounter, your server space remains safe and out of harm’s way. There are lesser chances of infections. 

Also, you get to vamp up your server with additional security measures and firewalls. You can also backup all your data in case of an extreme case of a security breach. Cloud VPS is especially great for this. It makes copies of your data and distributes it amongst the servers on the same cloud. This keeps your data intact in case of a server breach or failure. 

And if you’re getting a manages plan for your Windows VPS, you can expect the best security features and server maintenance you can hope for. 

What are the Windows VPS hosting options available?

There are a profuse number of Windows VPS hosting options available. They range from adequately pricey to more budget options. Keep in mind; they’re all definitely worth the bucks they require with the features they provide.

There are options for both VPS and Cloud VPS hosting. It’s a great deal better to go for managed plans if you’re opting for a cloud Windows VPS. Smaller sites can do well unmanaged. Different VPS platforms are compatible with a range of Windows OS versions. The CPU, memory, and storage are highly scalable for cloud Windows VPSs.


We hope this article has helped clarify what Windows VPS hosting is all about and why you might need one. Get exploring the available Windows VPS options and get yourself a stellar Windows VPS plan. Windows VPS is undoubtedly going to be a game-changer for your web presence.