World’s Most Successful Linear Actuators Manufacturers

World's Most Successful Linear Actuators Manufacturers

Linear actuators have come in our lives to stay there forever. They are used practically in all the industries, even in such complex ones like aerospace and marine, and such demanding ones like home automation.

Thatís why one faulty actuator can lead to serious consequences or at least to significant discomfort and financial losses. Thus, it is important to purchase actuators and actuator systems from verified manufacturers only. If you are going to get a new actuator system for whatever you need, we recommend you to choose one from the following manufacturers.

Progressive Automations

Progressive Automations is one of the leading companies in the market that can sell you all the types of electric linear actuators. While the entire actuator assortment you can check on, some advantages of the company are worth to be mentioned separately.

This provider is US-based. However, the offices of the company are in Canada, too. The company is in the business for more than a decade. Thus, there is nothing surprising in the fact that its product range covers all the needs of most industries. You can have a quick look at the website of the company. There, you will find the solutions for all the industries: aerospace, home, marine, construction, and similar. You can make your choice based on the needed size, power, control options, and similar.

Customization options are available. Even though the production of your actuator or system might take much more time, and the item will be more expensive, but it is very convenient if your application is non-standard. One more advantage of the company is pricing transparency. You can find all the models with their features and prices on the website.


Another American manufacturer of linear actuators. Tolomatic was founded in 1954, thus, it has the longest history in the market. Now, it has expanded to many countries, and the offices are located also in Germany and China.

The company is known not only for its linear actuators but for a range of other products: brakes, gearboxes, and so on. Their ServoWeld models deserve special attention. They are widely used in robotics for spot welding.

The company doesnít disclose the prices for its products on the website. One option to get some information is to find a distributor. Another option is to place an official quote. Some transparency would be useful though.

Harmonic Drive

With more than 60 years in the market, Harmonic Drive is now present in the USA, Germany, and Japan. Its products are delivered all around the world. The company produces an enormous range of items: gearboxes, servo-mount gearheads, and exceptionally accurate and powerful actuators. Considering that only three actuator models are available, we cannot tell that the company provides the widest range of them. But their products are no doubt of top quality. They are mostly used in heavy industrial applications.