World of Mazes Brings the Best of Puzzles and Storytelling to VR

Virtual Reality

World of Mazes is one of the exciting prospects of Virtual Reality. The product of RiseAngle, Inc. is focused on developing projects that inhabit the essence of immersive storytelling. To be a forefront runner in the evolution of the future of VR, World of Mazes introduces various gameplay techniques and strategies.

An interesting storyline

World of Mazes takes a different approach in providing exhilarating experience to the lovers of Virtual Reality Gaming. Since most games on the market are just full of puzzles which dont make any sense, with limited storylines in the name of adventure games. The World of Mazes fulfills the expectation of the players, as the RiseAngle, Inc. primarily focuses on the story of the game and offer puzzles that will only contribute to the progress of the game levels. The VR title puts you in a fantasy world for you to explore, meet new characters of the storyline, engage in conversations that will unravel the story of the game and the characters involved. Apart from the immersive storyline, you will be able to collect and combine items and solve various puzzles.

Player the saviour

In the first episode of the game, you will find yourself in an unknown realm of Aztyle Maze. The Maze has quite a captivating environment and allows the players to teleport. After spending time exploring, you will stumble across a loyal servant by the name of Gelayon stranded in the dark mazes, who will put you on a quest to save Princess Maya. Now you and Gelayon will have to find your way through the treacherous maze to escape and save the princess. As you progress through the game, you will develop a compassion for the characters and the game. Some of the characters you meet will require your help and will tell you engaging tales of their lifetime. As the player progresses, he/she will find out that they are part of an ancient prophecy.

Unleash the evil

After engaging in the conquest of the Aztyle Maze, you will come across Grezorth Maze, which has a spooky, haunted environment. Compared to Aztyle maze, it is a little bit more challenging and diverse. In the maze, you will be greeted by meteor showers which will not stop any time soon. The Grezorth Maze is not for the living since it is haunted by ghosts and abominations of lava. You, as the player, will have to go on a conquest to defeat anyone that stands in your way and escape the treacherous lands by conjuring up ancient magic which the residents of the map once did to escape the meteor shower.

RiseAngle, Inc. will provide immersive episodes, with captivating mazes. Each maze has its unique environment, residents, and rules. If you wont be able to co-op with the environment of each maze, there’s a chance that you will never be able to find your way out. So, this title will surely provide the best strategic Virtual Reality experience.

Image Credits: Virtual Reality from g-stockstudio/Shutterstock