WordPress Hosting Reviews: WPMU DEV

WPMU DEV Hosting is a service where associated members get access to a host of themes and plugins to choose from to personalize their WordPress website. It is a support and service centre that helps enhance the WordPress experience. 

Apart from this, it provides access to all of WordPress support service options along with various educational videos and online courses. Let’s see if the service is as excellent as it claims to be.


WordPress now works on almost all CMS websites and is used to build all kinds of websites for large enterprises and small businesses; several web hosting providers decided to focus on servicing the WordPress industry. Managed WordPress hosting services, therefore, came about as a result of WordPress becoming the world’s leading CMS platform.

WPMU DEV Hosting lets its users focus on their business by taking care of and managing their sites. The main difference between a ‘true’ operated WordPress hosting providers and companies that offer hosting features is that the latter mimic the services of the former but don’t provide the same level of WordPress expertise and specialization.

The Hub Feature

The prime feature that sets WPMU DEV apart from its competitors in business is The HUB provided by the service. This feature helps the users manage their websites in one place like a suite. It also comes with a safe upgrade to back up the work done on the website, and it lets you take screenshots so that can you can check and edit the mistakes if any. 

Themes and Plugins 

WPMU DEV has a framework on which the WordPress themes are based on. The varied list of themes by WPMU DEV covers a wide range of blogs, articles, businesses, and even magazine portfolios. The themes are built to be easily modified through the Upfront builder or the WordPress Customizer. It also has a standalone plugin that lets you create a custom WordPress website. 

If you are a WPMU DEV member you are given an array of premium WordPress plugins. It covers everything from website management, online marketing, content publishing and page design to performance and search engine optimization. However, the WPMU DEV has an extensive library of plugins. 

Some of their plugins made available to the premium users are as below: 

Smush Pro

This is one of the most popular plugins on the WordPress website, famous for its image optimization feature. Its CDN automatically detects images in the correct size of their containers and resolves two issues with just one click.

Defender Pro

The Defender Pro is famous for its security feature, which is connected to The HUB security tab. It scans files automatically and reports for any bugs found. It also has a two-factor authentication making access to the website that much more secure and tight.

Hustle Pro

Hustle Pro works on giving you the ability to create custom pop-ups and other types of content for displaying offers on your website. These offers could be an invitation to join your email newsletter, follow you on social media, share your content online, or check out a specific page on your site. Hustle Pro also helps you build the right type of forms for your audience.

Snapshot Pro 

Snapshot Pro makes the backup process easier for your website. You can create backups of your work as per our demand or schedule one to take place on its own. A key feature of Snapshot Pro is its ability to one-click backup creation and restoration capabilities. It also provides you with the ability to export backup files to Dropbox and Google Drive apart from their own WPMU DEV Cloud.

Hummingbird Pro

Hummingbird Pro tests your website to find areas where action can be taken to improve loading times. You can then fix any issues with the help of the Hummingbird user interface. Its other abilities include generation of website performance reports and suggestion to better your website enabling browser caching, minification, and GZIP compression.


WPMU DEV has a 24/7 live support system to help you resolve any WordPress related issue you may be facing. This support is not just related to their products but all of the WordPress issues. They also help site cleanup of hacked sites.


The WPMU DEV membership comes highly recommended, but whether you should sign up or not depends on whether you can justify the $49 monthly subscription fee. If your website lacks only a theme and a plugin you don’t need to spend so much but can be done at a much lesser price. 

If you wish to have access to a vast library of high-functioning tools to help you build and manage effective websites, from only one vendor, then you can give this service a try!

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