Winning the Vietlott jackpot: at the beginning of the month, split 37 billion VND

On the evening of March 20, 2018 on the Power 6/55 lottery, there were 2 tickets winning the Jackpot 2 with a total value of more than 37.3 billion dong.

According to the lottery result of Vietlott Lottery Company, this lucky sequence is 11-40-43-46-49-55 and the 7th pair to compare Jackpot 2 is 37. Maybe see free lottery predictions on daily. 

The record prize money of VND 300 billion of Jackpot 1 has not yet won. However, the prize for Jackpot 2 is over 37.37 billion VND, there are 2 winning tickets, each ticket is entitled to more than 16.8 billion VND.

Since January 30, the value of Jackpot 1 has started to exceed the record of 300 billion VND. Shortly afterward, the attraction of Power 6/55 lottery was more attractive because the balance of Jackpot 1 over 300 billion was added to the Jackpot 2. This game rules made the Jackpot 2 prize great value many times. In addition, the value of the prize is much bigger than that of Mega 6/45 jackpot.

Specifically, recently Vietlott has awarded up to VND 70 billion for a guest in Can Tho who win Jackpot 2 in the 95th rotation of this type of lottery.

Previously, on February 22, on the 7th of Lunar New Year, a guest in Ho Chi Minh City also won Jackpot 2 with the amount of nearly VND 41 billion; On February 3, a guest won Jackpot 2 to 23 billion VND and even the first time when the Jackpot 1 exceeded 300 billion VND, there was a winner of Jackpot 2 with more than 10 billion VND.

According to this lottery business unit, over the past time, the number of people winning Jackpot 2 is more because the probability of winning this jackpot is much greater than the probability of winning the Jackpot of Mega 6/55 lottery.

Also this evening, the Power 6/55 lottery has 15 first prizes, each prize is 40 million VND, 1,000-second prizes, each prize is 500 thousand VND and 23,905 third prizes, each prize is 50,000 vnd.

Winning the jackpot of Vietlott worth VND 25 billion

Luckily continued to a customer on March 27, 2018 when the Jackpot 2 of Power 6/55 lottery appeared, the total prize value of more than 25 billion VND.

According to the lottery result of the Vietlott Computer Lottery, the lucky number is 09-13-14-15-54-55 and the 7th pair is 22. The unpaid bonus amount for the owner. multiplied by the winning lottery jackpot 2 is VND 25,040,212.00.

And as usual, the structure of Jackpot prizes has not changed much. The Jackpot 1 of this lottery is still at VND 300 billion, no one has won, while the Jackpot 2, with the probability of winning more than the Mega 6/45 lottery, has appeared continuously.

Just a week ago, Jackpot 2 also appeared with 37 billion, divided into two winning tickets together. Also in this round, 27 tickets won the first prize, each prize was 40 million VND, 1,219-second prizes, each prize of 500 thousand VND, 25,937 third prizes, each prize of 50,000 VND.

Also today, Vietlott Company awarded a huge amount of VND 63 billion to the owner of the Mega 6/45 Jackpot lottery prize at the draw on March 20. This guest is a female office worker in Ho Chi Minh City who has often bought tickets for the past 1 year, since the Vietlott online lottery.

Finding the secret rule, the couple continuously won  600 billion

Playing the Lottery is often a bad way to make money, but for a couple who found a calculation error in a lottery of two different states, it was an extremely profitable investment strategy.

Specifically, it is the couple Marge and Jerry Selbee, the owner of a store selling cigarettes, alcohol and lottery tickets in Evart, Michigan.

After tracking how thousands of customers buy lottery tickets at his store, Jerry has found a way to hack the winning ratio of a lottery called Winfall in Michigan and the Cash WinFall in Massachusetts.

This couple shared that if they only bought a lottery ticket in one state and another, they could win sometimes. But they had bought thousands of lottery tickets for weeks until the prize had been accumulated to some extent, and Jerry realized that it could almost guarantee their prize at tens of thousands of dollars.

So that’s what this couple does until playing the lottery becomes their full-time job.

Over the course of 9 years, the work has been effective, to the point where their estimated total income is nearly 27 million USD (equivalent to more than 613 billion VND).

The kind of lottery that the Selbee couple found the rules, bringing them over 613 billion VND in recent years.

Regarding the winning lottery rules they have found, Selbee shared that it is very difficult, but in general, it is simply the process of buying and checking thousands of lottery tickets.

This will require you to go to the ticket store, stand in front of the computer for hours, buy tickets, and print.

Accordingly, since 2003, Jerry has spent several thousand dollars per week for this job while keeping secrets with his wife.

After two weeks of placing a bet, he made $6,300 after spending $3,400 on tickets and then also collected $15,700 after spending $8,000.

“Oh, I know what my husband does is work,” Marge said with a cheerful attitude about finding the husband’s winning rule.

After earning several hundred thousand dollars in profits, the couple opened a company to organize and run everything.

However, Michigan later canceled the type of lottery they were playing, so the couple turned their focus to Massachusetts, where the prize was much higher.

This also requires them to drive 12 hours a day and stand for hours in convenience stores once a day.

Worth mentioning, lottery officials in Massachusetts began to realize that the couple found a way to win the lottery, but they did not prevent or take countermeasures.

“How do I become a member of this couple’s company when I retire?”, A Massachusetts lottery worker jokes.