Winning Money Online: Bingo vs. Poker

Online casino and gambling games, such as poker, bingo, roulette and slot sites, have become increasingly popular in recent times. The opportunity to potentially bag yourself big cash prizes online, from the comfort of your own home, is definitely appealing and pretty exciting. These sorts of games are all relatively easy to get on board with, so itís no real wonder that theyíve become so trendy as of late. 

Online bingo and poker especially are pulling in keen new players thick and fastÖ but which of the two is the better one?


Itís no secret that British people are absolutely mad for bingo. Itís a traditional pastime, that many of us will have played at least once in our lifetimes. The game, however, has come a long way from what it used to be, a game largely enjoyed in church and village halls, by perhaps a slightly older group of people. Online bingo is helping to draw in a younger and more modern audience, as are reimaginings of the game such as Bongoís Bingo and Drag Bingo. The best new bingo sites in the UK offer up plenty of opportunity for players to win big, as well as an array of fun and exciting different games to play. These might feature your favourite films and TV series, and even popular celebrities. 

Furthermore, the rules for bingo are incredibly simple, much simpler than poker in fact. Provided you donít enjoy slightly tougher strategy, then this is one key advantage that bingo has over poker. For bingo, you simply purchase a card or ticket, or more if you so wish, and wait for numbers to be called out. As the numbers that are on your ticket are called, you cross them off, and once all the numbers on your card are called, you shout bingo. The first player to get bingo wins the game ó it really couldnít be much easier.


The rules of poker, on the other hand, are a little more complex, but probably not as tricky as you might initially imagine. Generally speaking, there are two types of poker: stud poker and draw poker. The rules for each of these games are almost identical though. 

When playing stud poker, each player is typically dealt five cards, although it can occasionally be seven cards instead for some games. The players then assess the relative strength of their hands, and wager chips appropriately. The winner is the player who bids the most chips, except for if someone else is willing to match their bet. In this case, the remaining players will show their cards, and the best hand then takes all the chips. 

In a game of draw poker, the players are again each dealt five cards. A round of betting then follows. The remaining players then attempt to improve their hand by swapping up to three cards for a new three from the deck. If an Ace is possessed by a player, they may swap all four of their other cards, if they so wish to do so. 

These are just the basic rules of poker, and there are more rules surrounding the betting rounds etc. These rules do take quite a bit more effort to get your head around than with a game like bingo, but arguably the benefit of taking the time to do is that you are likely to win more money playing online poker than playing bingo. Whilst ultimately every online playerís experience will be completely different, in a game of online poker most low to middle limit cash game players will make about $1,000 per month just in rakeback, which roughly speaking equates to around just under £800. There are many tips online advising you how to up your winnings from poker, and it is clear that there is real potential to win significant sums of money, perhaps more seriously so than with online bingo. So, if you enjoy playing games that are slightly more complex and involve a little more strategy, perhaps poker is the one for you.

However, whether you opt to play online bingo or online poker, you should always remember to play sensibly and responsibly. Both of these games are a lot of fun, and can win you cash prizes, but there is of course also the potential to lose money. At the end of the day, you should put time into playing a game because you enjoy it, rather than with the singular goal of acquiring large sums of cash. Whilst you may well win big gambling online, it isnít 100% guaranteed, and this is something you should definitely always keep in mind when playing both online poker and online bingo.