Windows 11 Accessibility, Security Features Announced by Microsoft

Windows 11 the latest rendition of Microsoft’s operating system is being updated with features aimed at hybrid work and enterprise customers, announced on Tuesday.

For example, Microsoft will update Windows 11’s File Explorer with tabbed and pinned files support.

The company has also declared improved accessibility features for individuals with disabilities and will allow users seamlessly move between a local Windows 11 PC and a Windows 365 Cloud PC.

The company is also adding support for service to automate updates for Windows, Microsoft Edge, and Office.

As part of the new security features reported for Windows 11, Microsoft Defender SmartScreen will be updated with improved phishing detection and protection when users enter credentials on a malicious app or website. In addition, to protect users from one of the most significant attack vectors untrusted software. Windows 11 is being revamped with Smart App Control to confirm that only trusted applications are executed on a computer, using code signing and the company’s AI intelligence models.

Windows 11 will also receive updates aimed at hybrid work users, and Microsoft will introduce a redesigned File Explorer app with a tabbed interface and support for pinning files. In addition, the operating system will also be updated with improved accessibility features.

It includes Focus Sessions for users with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Voice Access for dictation and control, with systemwide Live Captions for users with hearing disabilities or those learning a new language.

Microsoft is also updating Windows 11 with new features for enterprise clients, including Microsoft Edge, Windows Autopatch for automated Windows, and Office updates. Employees will also be able to access corporate resources securely with application management for Microsoft Edge.

Meanwhile, according to the company, Microsoft will also make it easier for users to switch between Windows 11 and Windows 365 (the company’s cloud-based service) with Windows 365 Switch and Windows 365 Boot.