Windows 10 BSOD: 1909 Update

Microsoft recently launched its latest 1909 update, which has caused some threats to its users. With the latest 1909 update, users are getting an error that is causing the files to delete on its own and, in some cases, Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). When Microsoft launched Windows 10, it’s one prominent feature was the “Automatic Updates.” It was an aid for all those people for whom monthly updates were a headache. Microsoft came up with a solution that windows will update automatically.

Blue Screen of Death(Widows 10)

Windows 10 KB4540673 update was released in March 2019, but with this automatic Windows 10 updates came specific problems such as installation issues, reduced performance, Blue screen of death, and data deletion. These errors were a real headache for most of the people. Most of the people started getting the blue screen of death as soon as they turn on their systems. Certain users also claimed that these updates also caused a temporary user profile bug in which a temporary profile was created automatically. The widespread of this 1909 update issue is still unknown as this started to happen to random users. Microsoft tried to tackle this issue, and further updates were not released. Also, users are given an option to delay this update for the next 30 days, but as soon as the update rolled out, most of the users were infected with this.

Any official solution is yet to be provided by Microsoft regarding this update, but if you have created a restore point before updating, then you can always roll back your system to the previous version, but if you do not have a restore point then there are some software that may help you in recovering your data, or you can contact nearby local tech for assistance. But, if you are facing issues regarding the updates, you can use the “Windows Update Troubleshooter” from the Microsoft website to tackle the situation.