Will Cryptocurrency Affect Network Marketing


Cryptocurrency is affecting the way of financial transactions. People are now becoming more and more adaptable to digital currency transactions. There have been many digital currencies but the most popular one out there is the bitcoins.

Bitcoins are now used all over the world for various transactions. Traders are using bitcoin in trading transactions. Investors are using bitcoin as an alternative investment platform, and there are others who are using the bitcoins to do their business.

All these applications have made it possible for bitcoins to be used in networking marketing. Let elaborate on the role of bitcoin in network marketing.

Why Bitcoins in Network Marketing?

Network marketing is also known as Multi-Layer-Marketing (MLM). if we consider how cryptocurrencies had helped to uplift the financial transaction, the important factors of doing so will be the security that it provides with the online transaction. Hence, you can be safe from the fraud middle person.

In the cryptocurrency transaction, the transaction is made peer to peer network on the public ledger. This kind of network is known as the blockchain. In blockchain the connection can not be traced, so the transaction made by this network can not be traced and hence, it is totally secure.

However, you must not forget that bitcoins or other digital currencies are only the investment tool. They were never meant to be used as cash. Instead, you can use those coins to keep them into the digital wallet and can use it to buy other things later on.

The value of the bitcoin is highly volatile and it keeps on changing with the market. So be very careful while holding the digital currencies for a longer period of time.

Accepting Bitcoin as a Currency

Bitcoins are becoming more popular as a form of currencies. There are many multi-layer-market companies that pay their employees in the form of cryptocurrencies. These paychecks can be used for various things. You can buy goods from the markets supported by the multi-layered marketing companies.

To manage such a sophisticated management system companies use MLM software. This software is capable of automative work, monitor performance analytics, process synchronization, and managing company operations.

Bitcoin Marketing Model

The bitcoin industry has grown at an accelerated rate, and now there are many companies that are doing trade in bitcoin online. These companies encourage people to use cryptocurrencies by selling products and services. There are other companies as well that ask you to buy cryptocurrencies and a lot you with the commission with every new member you bring to the company. Investing in bitcoins can be tricky. Due to its volatile nature, many experts forbid others to use it.

Backlash of Bitcoin in Network Marketing

Bitcoins are not as flexible as we think. There are some drawbacks when it comes to the implementation of the business model.

  • Volatile

The cryptocurrency market is highly unstable. The vale of the currency keeps on changing every second. While investing there are equal possibilities of having a loss or accruing a profit.

  • Usage is restricted

Not all the nation support cryptocurrencies. Countries like India, China, USA, and others.

  • Most of the companies that work with cryptocurrencies are fraud companies. So, be very cautious while choosing the company for availing of their product and services.


The network marketing model has been the reason for success for many companies, and as well as defunct for the many companies as well. Using virtual currency in network marketing is a bright idea. But only if the circumstances are in the favor of the cryptocurrencies.

Image Credit: Cryptocurrency Via Dan Eady/Shutterstock