Why Your Home Needs Solar Flood Lights

Solar Flood Lights

In this day and age of “porch pirates” and crime being on the rise, it’s important to feel safe in your own home. But what are some avenues you can take to improve your overall home security? Installing a door camera so you can see who knocks on your front door and when? Improving your home security system to alert the police when there’s a break-in?

Or maybe you can install high-tech outdoor lights to discourage intruders from breaking and entering in the first place? Technology is on the rise, and light technology is one of them.

Our goal is to weaponize you with the information that can enhance how safe you feel in your home.

Solar Flood Lights in Comparison to Other Lights

First, we need to talk about how solar flood lights differ from other outdoor lights. Just like solar panels, they require the sun to acquire energy, store that very energy, and choose when to use that energy to power simply one bulb or a multitude of them.

The many components that go into making a solar flood light are a solar panel, a battery, a photo light sensor, a motion sensor, an LED spotlight, and a bright light component.

As mentioned above, a solar panel is the component that acquires the energy and the battery is where it’s stored. The photo light sensor is how the solar flood light is able to pick up on whether it’s night or day, utilizing its smart detection feature.

The motion sensor is how it’s able to pick up on if something is walking nearby, and thus, turn on. Knowing how and why something works is important, and it’s the same thing when it comes to solar flood lights.

The History of Flood Lights

Solar flood lights are not a new concept; they’ve been around for at least 100 years. Have you ever been to a football game? These lights are the same kind of light technology that can light up an entire football field.

Utilizing around 700-1400 lumens at least, flood lights are proving to be superior to outdated outdoor lights of yesterday. Tacking “solar” on also adds certain implications, such as the convenience of installing them anywhere without having to worry about all these power cables to plug them in.

If you care about green energy at all, solar flood lights are the perfection solution. Harnessing the power of the sun and storing that energy in a battery creates the perfect recipe, lights that are motion censored but bright enough that any intruder or critter would think twice about trying to enter your home.

Overtime Usage of Flood Lights

As with anything powered by energy, we want to think about overtime usage. Certain appliances can last for several years, while the battery life of the average smartphone can deteriorate within less than two years.

Battery is what we think about when it comes to lifetime usage, and with solar flood lights, this can vary. At about 100,000 hours of run-time, lights emit power for about 8,000 nights.

Significant changes in weather conditions can alter that slightly, though. A good solution to that problem is simply finding lights that are resistant to heat and frost, as well as waterproof and weatherproof. But even without, solar flood lights still prove to be the superior outdoor lights compared to other simplistic designs.

Not everybody is a fit for solar flood lights, but they’re a great addition to overall home security. Their range of light is definitely advanced compared to other outdoor lights, even motion sensor lights.

But alongside a home security system and a front door camera, solar flood lights are the perfect lights to keep you informed and safe from things normally outside of your control.