Why you should never unclog your drains without a plumber

You may think clogs are a minor inconvenience that can be fixed in a very short time. You may not be worried about damaging your pipes or worsening the clog by pushing it in even further and making it that much more difficult to reach and extract. And you may be lucky enough to have had to deal with truly minor clogs that leave no lasting consequences on your pipes or your home. However, you must remember that plumbers are knowledgeable about these matters and they are the professionals you need to call in order to get rid of that messy, tough clog. Knowing that hiring plumbing services is convenient, you should try their assistance out. Since speed and accuracy are in the best of every house owner’s interest, you should get in touch with Edmonton plumber services. Assistance provided by knowledgeable professionals.

Have you managed to get your whole kitchen under 4 inches of water by trying some plumbing DIY? Have your pipes burst while you were trying to remove a clog? What a great way to mess up your plumbing! What a huge headache you have just caused yourself! Plus, a lot of expenses that you really were not planning on having! Thatís why itís a well-known fact that some of the most common plumbing disasters are the result of badly done DIY.

Hereís a list of some common plumbing mistakes that could easily have been avoided:

Forgetting to turn off the main water shut off valve

You may have called a plumber to come and take care of your emergency. However, if you donít take some action while waiting, the size of the problem can easily escalate. Be proactive and turn off the main water shut off valve. You may have just saved yourself some cash!

And if you donít know where that valve is located or you havenít turned it off in a while and is now rusted and stuck, it would be a good idea to take care of that before the emergency arises.

Taking things apart without taking pictures or writing down how they were before

If you decided you could tackle taking apart your faucet, drain, shower head or any other plumbing in your home, you may now be faced with two problems: the original one that has still not been fixed, plus the impossibility of getting the fixtures to work and look the way they did prior to your intervention.

Over-cranking faucet handles or over-tightening plumbing fittings

Once again, you may have wanted to take care of the problem on your own and now find that you were unable to stop the leak, that you have broken the faucetís handle and the problem still exists. Or you may have over tightened a fitting and just managed to make things worse.

You have become addicted to drain cleaner

This is an urgent habit to break. Relying on chemicals to take care of clogs can result in damage to your pipes. Plus, these chemicals (as they clearly state on the bottles) can be quite hazardous to your health and that of all members of your family. If you are constantly having to deal with clogs, teach your family not to use them as garbage cans and consult a plumber to get a good diagnosis on how clogged your pipes really are.

Reach out to your trusted, reliable plumber and get the clog fixed once and for all. Get good reliable solutions and service that will give you peace of mind.