Why You Should Choose a Medical Spa Over a Day Spa

Medical Spa

When you just want some pampering and relaxing massage, a day spa would be a perfect place to go to, but if your body requires a top-to-toe delight of skin treatments, laser procedures and wrinkle treatments aside from massage, then a medical spa is what you need. A medical spa, or medi spa for short, offers many treatments that aren’t available at your local day spa. Read on to discover all the benefits you can find in this relaxing and rejuvenating environment.

What is a medical spa?

A medical spa is usually supervised by licensed medical professionals, while a day spa is managed by masseurs and masseuses. This makes a media spa able to provide more advanced treatments that bring about more effective and lasting results than a day spa.

A medical spa is run and operated by medical professionals like plastic surgeons, highly trained nurses and skilled estheticians that are highly knowledgeable and use cutting edge technology. With doctors on site, you are likely to feel more confident that they will be able to provide the best service and address your needs.

Why choose a medi spa?

A day spent at a medi spa or a day spa can help free you from stress, allow your body to regenerate, improve your blood circulation, rid your body of toxins by stimulating the lymphatic system, make you feel active by releasing serotonins, relieve chronic pains in the body like muscle spasms and arthritis, polish the skin, and promote cell regeneration

While day spas are limited to massage, facial and maybe some nail care, a medi spa like Revivology Medical Spa in Utah, can customize a comprehensive service medical and cosmetic package for you.

Is a medi spa as comfortable as a day spa?

A doctorís clinic is usually crowded with both patients and staff, but a medi spa is more spacious with a wide waiting area filled with comfy chairs. It has calming atmosphere which can ease your mood and set your mind at peace before and after you undergo a procedure.

Curtains provide little privacy among customers in a day spa, but not a cozy and luxurious environment that comes along with patient-centric experience that medical spa offers, giving patients the opportunity to discuss with a medical professional what they truly desire besides addressing problems.

What services does a medi spa offer?

Botox, dermaplaning, coolsculpting, microdermabrasion, spider vein therapy, microneedling and vaginal rejuvenation are just some of the corrective cosmetic procedures and anti-aging treatments that medispas offer which day spa donít.

Apart from treating skin problems, an esthetician would be able to note a lesion on your face while doing a facial, which will help you avoid further issues by addressing the symptoms.

Medical spas donít simply do breast augmentation or reduction, brow or eyelid lift, liposuction, tummy tuck etc., but can treat long term issues like insomnia, as well as heart ailments. Some medi spas also provide smoking and weight management programs that are specially tailored fit based on your health condition and lifestyle.

Day spas can provide superficial services that will help you feel refreshed for a while, however, addressing essential concerns to achieve longer results can be well provided by a medi spa.

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