Why you Need Multilingual Transcription Services for Video Conferences and Webinars

Transcription Services

Transcription is the process of converting audio into a written document describing the ongoing in the audio. Transcription is an essential element in the current world of business. Organisations continue to facilitate efficiency and convenience to all stakeholders through these services.

There has been an increase in the use of technology since the COVID 19 pandemic. Many have moved away from physical meetings and adopted various platforms to conduct meetings. It has seen more use of video conferences and webinars.

Transcribing the events of such webinars and conferences has led to keeping good records and having them accessible across the board. Some even include subtitles to these transcriptions. At times the transcription requires to be translated into various languages.

The company may have a wide reach and therefore the transcription for multilingual is deemed necessary. There are several benefits of acquiring multilingual transcription for video conferences and webinars.

Proper record-keeping

Enabling multilingual transcription allows for more focus during video conferences and webinars. There is a sense of comfort in being able to refer to transcribed records hence there is more attention to the agenda of the conference calls and webinars.

In addition, managers can keep their various employees accountable for the follow-ups that they ought to undertake. Considering the transcription is multilingual, it can be shared with various diverse branches of the organisation with the confidence of its records.

Essentially, it cuts down on the number of meetings and conference calls for follow-ups due to a reference document.

Accuracy of information

Video conferences and webinars can be quite noisy with their background. It is essential to have professional transcription services to enable you to have accurate records of events.

Professionals have a high accuracy rate of word matching due to their experience and skills It is best to have human-generated transcriptions rather than speech recognition software.

Transcription companies have proprietary tools that assist these experienced professionals to be more accurate and efficient.

Easier Access of Information

Conference calls and webinars last for a considerable amount of time. There are enough back and forth discussions and brainstorming that are in the audio recordings.

When searching for particular information from the call or webinar, it may take a long while to retrieve it. It is frustrating to go over hours of audio to retrieve a specific piece of information. Worse would be when it is in a language that you are not familiar with.

A multilingual transcription eases this retrieval of specific information. It is convenient to search a keyword on the transcribed document to narrow down it. It saves time and ensures key points are highlighted and followed upon easily.

Improves website SEO

Enabling multilingual transcription of the company’s webinars and video conferences is the first step of improving the company’s website SEO. It is easier to create and post content that has been transcribed in various languages.

The SEO gets the company’s website to have a high ranking in search results. It means that there will be more site visits of potential customers of the company’s products and services. It could prove a vital component of the success of the company.

Transcribed content on the company’s website would enable potential customers to spend more time on the site and improve the SEO ranking. When the content is of webinars of the company’s products it highlights and gives insights on the operations of the company.

Compliance with Industry laws and regulations

On some occasions, a company may be required by law to transcribe its conference calls. It is dependent on the industry.

Industries such as journalism may have it as a regulation for transparency and have it in various languages. However, a company should be familiar with transcribing calls with third parties before doing so.

In addition, the transparency in having a transcription of calls and webinars increases the transparency of the operations of the business and increases confidence in potential business deal-making with other parties.

Industries using Multilingual Transcription

Some of the industries that have multilingual transcription include:

  • Legal
  • Medical
  • Business and Marketing
  • Education