Why You Need A Pair Of Glasses

Pair Of Glasses

Glasses are one of those few fashion accessories that are being worn at a large scale on a daily basis. While the outstanding style elements of glasses are certainly responsible for their popularity, credits must also be given to their multifunctional nature. Glasses are much more than just an optical tool in present times as they are used for various other reasons, ranging from blue light protection to elimination of glare.

In this writeup, we will discuss the different types of glasses. While frames provide protection to the lenses and also add a fashion touch, it is the lenses that make glasses a multifunctional accessory.

Recently, when I went to buy menís glasses online from Specscart (a Manchester-based eyewear brand), I came across their service of reglaze glasses that involves getting the lenses of your glasses replaced without having the need to upgrade your frames. If you too only need lens replacement, then you should opt for the affordable route of reglaze glasses.

Read on to know about the different types of glasses options that you have.

Prescription Glasses

As the name suggests, prescription glasses come with lenses fitted with an individualís prescription and are used for the purpose of eyesight correction. The prescription requirement for both the lenses can be the same or can even vary from individual to individual. Unarguable, this is the most popular reason for which glasses are used.

Fake Glasses

In the contemporary fashion scene, glasses have solid credentials as a fashion accessory and thatís exactly the reason why something like fake glasses have such a massive craze today.

The lenses of fake glasses do not come with any prescription, and when these non-prescription lenses are combined with the frames, they result in glasses that are used solely as a fashion accessory. Using glasses only to give your style a boost is a reason strong enough for you to style them. And this is where you have fake glasses to help you out.


Sunglasses use lenses with UV protection coating and have a tinted appearance. Based on their appearance, there are two types of tints – gradient and solid.

Sunglasses must find a place in every personís wardrobes as all of us are exposed to the harmful UV rays of the sun. By donning a pair of sunglasses whenever you are outdoors during the day time, the risks associated with UV rays exposure to eyes can be eliminated.

Whether you are looking for a pair for men or want to buy womenís sunglasses, there are lots of options that you will come across, ranging from mirrored sunglasses to wraparound sunglasses, to even prescription sunglasses.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

With digitalisation advancing in full swing, our usage of digital screens has increased to a significant extent, and it is only going to rise further in the near future. This creates the need for us to protect our eyes from any harmful effects that excessive usage of digital screens might cause.

Digital screens are one of the most popular artificial sources of blue light, and excessive exposure to it can result in conditions like eye strain, headaches, and fatigue. To keep our eyes protected, we have blue light blocking glasses to rely on.

The filter that is applied over the lenses of blue light glasses block the blue light incident over them from reaching our eyes. So the next time you face a digital screen, remember to put on a pair of blue light blocking glasses for your digital wellbeing.

Anti-glare Glasses

You must have come across glare while driving as it is very common during such activities. It is the light rays that are reflected horizontally after striking a surface that is responsible for causing glare. Although common during certain activities, It needs to be noted that glare can occur at any time of the day.

To eliminate the occurrence of glare from your daily lives, anti-glare glasses are what you should give a try. But how do these pairs work? The answer lies in the anti-reflective coating that these glasses come with. The function of this coating is to filter out the reflective light rays responsible for causing glare and by doing so, imparting a perfect vision.


Varifocal glasses provide eyesight correction for things close up, distant vision, and anything in between, and that too with a single pair of lenses. In this way, both the conditions of nearsightedness and farsightedness are catered to. 

In varifocal glasses, there are three visibility zones assigned for three different ranges of distance, which is made possible by using multiple focal points.

Even bifocal lenses can be used for both the conditions of nearsightedness and farsightedness, but they come with just two visibility zones. Varifocals are an advanced version of bifocals as they have an extra intermediate zone that makes the transition smoother while shifting the focus of eyes between objects placed at different ranges of distance.


If you are fed up with carrying both glasses and sunglasses, especially when you have to constantly change between indoor and outdoor spaces, you can make a shift to transition lenses. When UV rays strike the surface of transition lenses, their UV protection function gets activated and the clear lenses undergo a transition to adopt a tinted appearance as that of sunglasses. Once the UV rays exposure is removed, transition lenses fall back to their original crystal clear appearance. In this way, transition lenses can be used both as glasses and sunglasses.