Why you choose Coolmuster Android Assistant as your personal helper?

Erroneously deleted an important item or lost all your content from a factory reset? If so, the time has come for you to adopt a “backing up” habit for all your data as stored on your Android device to secure areas. Therefore, considering that people are storing valuable information and data in their phones today, it is important to have a way to backup everything in the case that the phone is damaged, stolen or even lost.

So if you own an Android device and need to backup every file and information onto a PC, Coolmuster Android Assistant is exactly the item for you. It is an one-stop managing Android software that is designed to safeguard all your contacts, media files, apps, SMS among other personal items in your PC. It facilitates all functions you may need for proper Android device management.

Why you choose Coolmuster Android Assistant as your personal helper?

feature-01The reasons that would inspire any Android user to go for this software are numerous and uncountable. Nonetheless, for starters, mobile devices are not strangers to running out of memory a condition that mandates for the user deleting excess items in order to free up space. However, with Coolmuster Android Assistant, you can safely store your data on a PC that remains safeguarded even when you delete it on your device.

Moreover, besides just freeing up storage space, mobile devices have continually become personal “confidants” where individuals store a lot of personal information and not just contacts and SMS. Currently, mobile devices play host to important personal notes, special calendar and meeting dates, banking apps and even voice recordings. As such, loss, damage, or even theft may result in the tremendous loss, a factor that can be averted by installing this software.

How to perform Coolmuster Android Assistant?

To examine this software, I installed it on a typical Windows 10 system and plugged a smartphone to the PC. On fiddling the USB access, it will mandate for you to enable the Debugging mode (although Coolmuster gives you a step-by-step guideline of accomplishing that) and this program will provide you with an outline of your device and what each category in your phone holds.

Interestingly, this program takes a significant amount of time to completely read everything on your device. This is not surprising however since modern phones are currently characterized by large storage spaces stretching to even 64GB as such it is not an action expected to happen instantaneously.

  1. Backing up Android with 1 simple Click

Numerous functions that Android gadgets allow have continually resulted in individuals getting reluctant from moving away from their devices. Most individuals save almost entirely everything on their portable devices and walk around not wary of the looming danger of losing the information. To be on the safe end, it is important to backup all your information in a PC.

With Coolmuster Android Assistant, you can export all your data and content inclusive of videos, photos and music from your Android device to your PC in the process allowing you to save on space.

To do this, you need to link your device to this program either through a USB cable or via WiFi.

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  1. Perfect SMS and Contacts Assistant

Abandon the life of manually adding contacts one after the other or even group messaging (text) from your device, with the Coolmuster Android Assistant software, you can get treated to a new and better texting way aside from managing your contacts as is in your PC.

With this app, you can send group texts at the same time without going through a lot of hustles. What’s more, you can add, discard, edit and duplicate contacts conveniently on your PC only with this amazing App.

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  1. A remarkable addition to Media and App enthusiast collections

For every app and media enthusiast, Coolmuster tool is definitely one item you need in your collection. Why? It features powerful functions that make you on the move entertainment more enjoyable.

With just a click, you can transfer your newly downloaded and favorite apps from your PC to your Android device. Moreover, you can not only backup your required apps from your device to your PC, but also uninstall and discard other unnecessary ones in the quickest way possible all from your computer.

  1. 1-Click Restore capacity

Hate to restore data from your PC to your Android device item after item? Android Assistant with its new features allows you to do all this with a simple mouse click!

  • Link your Android device to your PC and subsequently run the program that you’ve installed.
  • Select “Super Toolkit” as is in the top menu.
  • Click on the “Restore” option and choose the particular file you need to be restored on your device.


For any Android user, the Coolmuster Android Assistant is one MUST-HAVE item in your collection of apps. Besides its convenience in facilitating data loss prevention and easier file management, this app will help you enjoy your media files anywhere at any time.