Why Viking Drinking Horns Are So Popular

drinking from horns

When you want to have a drink, you usually reach for a glass, a cup, or a mug. Sometimes, you might even drink from the bottle itself. But those were the days when drinking horns werenít as widely known as they are now. A lot of people are enjoying their favorite beverages using a drinking horn, and here are the reasons why theyíre so popular nowadays:

Theyíre Unique

Glasses, cups, and mugs are common items that you can find in almost every home. There are shelves of different styles, colors, and sizes in department stores everywhere. However, drinking horns arenít something youíll find in every house or store out there.

If youíre the kind of person who likes to stand out amongst the crowd, youíll want to own things that not everyone or at least very few people have themselves. For drinking vessels, of course, youíll want to have the best drinking horns you can find.

Great For Themed Parties

Organizing parties for your friends and family can be an excellent way for you to bond and strengthen your relationships. A way to upgrade your parties instead serving different kinds of finger food, sodas, and alcohol is to make it a themed party. It can be fun, especially when everyone is in on it, too, like wearing costumes and dressing up.

Letís say youíre organizing a birthday party and the celebrant wants a Viking or Nordic-themed party. You can use drinking horns instead of paper cups. Put up decorations such as barrels, Viking ships, and cornucopias. If itís an all-adult party, you can set up an ax-throwing game. Itís so primitive, but it does stick to the theme and can remove the stress from everyoneís busy work lives.


Glasses, cups, and mugs can come in different shapes, styles, and colors. A lot of it you can even decorate yourself. For drinking horns, one would think that you get what you see. Itís easy to believe that itís not as versatile when it comes to design and style. However, thatís not true at all. Drinking horns come in different shapes and sizes, too.

Drinking horns can be made from different animal horns such as those from buffaloes, oxen, or cows. But more than just the natural appearance from the horn itself, you can customize it further by having engravings on its surface. If you want your name or a quote on your drinking horn, you can have it.

Perfect For Souvenirs and Gifts

The customizability of drinking horns also make them perfect gifts or souvenirs. You can engrave the names or a message on it for the person you want to give it to. Itíll be memorable because itís not a common item that people usually receive.

If you throw a Viking or Nordic-themed party, you can give the drinking horns as souvenirs before your guests leave. At the start of the party, you can give away customized drinking horns with the names of the guests for them to use, and which they can take home afterward.

Theyíre Reusable

Nowadays, when people host house parties, you can always expect that there will be red solo cups. Plastic cups are awful for the environment. It takes years before they decompose and animals may ingest them before they completely break down. If you want to reduce your ecological footprint, using drinking horns is a smart choice.

Drinking horns are reusable, which means you donít have to throw them away and can use them multiple times. You donít have to buy every time you host a party or every time you use one. You simply wash it and then keep it until you use it again.

Lets You Keep Up With Pop Culture

TV shows and movies such as Game of Thrones, The Lord of The Rings, and The Chronicles of Narnia have become so popular that they have prompted the rise of huge fandoms. Dedicated fans want to live as though they were in those same worlds, so they buy merchandise related to these titles.

If youíre a fan of these shows, having drinking horns is one way you can live out your dreams, drinking from horns like youíre from the same era or even universe as your favorite characters. These drinking horns can also double as decorations when youíre not using them so you can make your house decor look like itís from the medieval times.

Final Thoughts

Drinking horns are fun things to own. Theyíre becoming popular because there are plenty of benefits you can get out of them not just for yourself, but for other people and the environment, too. Theyíre also not difficult to maintain. Wash them with warm water, and youíre good to go. Add a little quirk in your cupboards and get yourself some drinking horns.