Why Use Popups As Website Ads?


Online advertising is one of the most effective means of ads that one can use to promote their business. This is the platform where most of the traffic and audience can be found. Ask yourself, where do you see most of the news or ads? On the Internet, right?

We read online, we chat online, we read online, we learn online. Everythingís done online today.

Popups are one of the most popular means of advertising nowadays. You might have seen so many popup ads on any website you visit.
Those are mostly used for sales announcements or news, or subscriptions for newsletter. Iím talking about acceptable popups, not the spammy ones.

So letís see why one should use popups for showing ads on your website.

First of all, they are eye-catching. 

Nothing better can attract a visitor than a suddenly appearing popup ad. If the popup content is engaging and it looks attractive, the chances are high that the user will be engaged with your offer. So your ad will be succeeded. Yes, the look is not less important than the content of the popup ad. It should be charming and please the eye of the visitor.

Another important reason for using popup ads is that popups can bring you a huge flow of subscribers. A reach e-mail list can make any business bloom. Newsletter campaigns and autoresponder e-mails are one kind of a really powerful marketing means.

E-mail marketing today is a forceful chain connecting customers to the website owner. A perfect way to inform your customers about the news on your website, even if they are not on your website at that moment. Subscription popups can greatly help you with this task, providing you a great number of subscribers.

Ever heard about exit intent technology? Well, this is a way of showing popups the moment a user tries to leave the website. How does it work? Easy! It triggers the popup upon computer mouse movement. When the mouse leaves the page content, the popup is triggered.

This is a perfect way of using popup ads to convert abandoning customers. Just a simple popup ad with a discount promotion will definitely stop the departing user. Or, you can use this popup to offer help. Sometimes visitors leave a website not finding what they need. And most of the times, they might simply need a little guidance to achieve what they need.
Thatís when an exit popup can be a life-saver for your online business.

Push notifications are becoming more and more popular on the internet, in online marketing. These are the little popping up windows with some short message about new collection, about sales season or about a new post. The greatest advantage of these amazing ads is that they donít need you to be on the website from where the promotion comes.

You can be anywhere else on the net and still see the message the website owner wants to share with you. You only ďallowĒ receiving push notifications by that website, and thatís it. They can reach out to you wherever you are on the net. This is a perfect advertising means, as you can connect with your customers no matter where on the net they are and get them back to your website with your enticing offers.

Image credit: Popup ads via Rzt_Moster/Shutterstock