A2fax: the simplest way to send a free fax online

Fax has a gigantic user base in the commercial world. It acts as a Network-Effect. Social media can be considered an example of a widely used network-effect. From healthcare, logistics, and government to high-tech e-commerce. Websites like eBay use fax for concern resolution and none other than Google – uses fax for copyright infringement.

In 2020, fax exists because it can integrate with the Internet via an online fax service platform to send or receive fax over email or a mobile application. The physicality has been replaced with cloud fax servers and modems for a faster solution.

Fax over the web platform is considered to be one of the most secure ways of communicating as compared to emails or other mailing services that are always on the verge of getting hacked. Here’s an interesting fact, during the US-Iran Crisis of 2020, both nations secretly communicated via encrypted fax mechanism for full confidentiality and security.

Fax is considered to be one of the fastest ways of communicating than postal services. It became popular because it can replicate the same thing as a mail would do but in a faster way.

Government and legal departments encourage people to use fax instead of mails and other forms of communication. Due to its evolving nature and coordinating with technology hand-in-hand, it has become easier to use.

Research suggests that nearly half of all email accounts have been compromised at some point, which makes faxing a more secure way of transmitting information and protecting against hacking and other cyber-related crimes.

We have become much more efficient in terms of technology and communication since the start of the internet era, and such adoption of technologies for betterment has encouraged us all in some way or the other.

How to send a free fax using a2fax.com

A2FAX is a secure online fax service encrypted in transit via the HTTPS protocol to send and receive faxes. No fax machine is required and fax attachments are deleted upon successful completion of the fax.

A2FAX is free for faxes under 5 pages to the U.S. or Canada. International fax is available as well for a few cents per page.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to use A2FAX.com to send free faxes:

  1. It is as simple as filling out the fax form which requires you to fill the details like:
  2. Sender Information – which requires you to fill Sender’s Name and Company.
  3. Receiver Information – which requires you to fill the Receiver’s Name and Company.
  • Select a Country – from the dropdown list available.
  • Receiver’s Fax – You need to fill in the Receiver’s fax number.
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  • Send Receipt Confirmation – User is required to fill in the email address to send the confirmation to.
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  • Cover Page – Users have the option to use the A2FAX cover page.(a2fax does not include their logo on cover pages)
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  • Attachments – Users need to attach the documents, A2FAX accepts (doc, docx, pdf, jpg, tif, odt, html, txt, xls, xlsx and png).
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After all the information is filled in Click “Continue”.

  • Fill in the provided confirmation code and click “Fax”. A2FAX will email you a confirmation once the fax is successful.
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