Why should We Hire You : Ways to Answer

“Why should we hire you?” is a very commonly asked question in an interview. This question means the interviewer is giving you the chance to sell yourself.

Your answer to this interview question should be as appropriate as to break your chances for the job. You need a pitch to match up with the experiences and the employers’ needs.

Why should we hire you

You will need to present yourself so appealing that they have to select you over any other person. Looking at it like a good salesperson who knows what customers generally require will help you get the job.

You must need to know the need of business beforehand, the skills and the knowledge required for the particular required field for answering the FAQ – Why should we hire you.

Pro-Tip before you start with the various answers provided:-

Your answer should be short and precise. It must not be longer than a minute or two. We will be trying to discuss the best ANSWERS to QUESTION, according to the Job Profile – Why should we hire you ?

  • I have started my career, and I am not having practical experience in the work area. Still, I want to research practice and experience it and utilize my potential by providing the best services to the organization. It will be my honor to work with you and with this Company’s employees.
  • I am hardworking, team player and proactive with my co-workers, I was one among that set of employees who had been finishing their task or assignments on time and respected by my teammates
  • I am the best fit for the job, due to my formidable networking, analytical and problem-solving skills. I have practical experience in Operating Systems.
  • As I have excellent analytical and problem-solving abilities, Company will have a person who loves working in a team, sharing ideas, exploring self and group discussions, and interacting with customers and clients. I have excellent computer knowledge too.
  • I strongly believe that I am able as well as knowledgeable enough to contribute in a way that will surely benefit the Company’s growth point of view.
  • I can assure you that I will always focus on the Company’s vision and goal that can become a reason for company success to reach heights. Getting this opportunity – I would surely apply newly obtained skills & would always think for the Company’s benefits.
  • I am very dedicated to working given to me and excited to get the job. As per the requirement of the situation, I have a better understanding. I have not chosen this job profile to earn money, but I have chosen precisely because of interest and passion in this field.
  • I have professional work experience, so I feel that I am the right fit for the job profile. I am a real fast learner, hardworking, sincere, a self-organized, self-motivated towards work.
  • Since my schooling, I am always having reasonable control of English literature & language and Computer. I have also scored the highest in the given two subjects. As an MBA student, I have outstanding communication, presentation, and marketing skills. All mentioned qualities make me ideal and the best option for the required job.
  • If I get the golden opportunity to prove myself in the department, I have long waited for, and I can promise you that I will be an asset to your Company.
  • I am a hardworking and very flexible person to get into this job. From the age when we decide our career, I have been very passionate about getting this job. It must be a dream come true.
Why should we hire you

Conclusion : – Why should we hire you

You can follow these few pointers and can change to suit your requirements. Choose and pick your sentence for your interview, according to your job profile. It will be going to give you an edge over others to get your dream job.