Why Should I Use Custom Address Labels?

Custom Address Labels

When mailing out letters and parcels, one option is to use standard generic address labels. Alternatively, you could take things a step further with your own custom address labels.

But what are the benefits of designing your own bespoke address labels from scratch? As it is technically easier to go with the unique option, why make the effort to create your own unique address labels?

For businesses sending letters, parcels, products and pretty much anything else, the benefits of custom address labels are as follows:

1.  A More Impactful First Impression

The importance of a meaningful and memorable first impression cannot be overstated. When somebody receives something from you by post, the packaging is the first thing they see. If your address label is unique to your brand, it sends a much more powerful message.

It tells the recipient that you are different; that you make the effort to stand out and that you are unique. Far more so than a generic address label used by countless other businesses, making it difficult to differentiate between their letters, parcels and products by post.

2.  It Builds Brand Recognition

Similarly, packaging that is unique to your business helps build and boost brand recognition. A perfect example to illustrate the point would be Amazon, which sends parcels and packages that are instantly recognisable.

Something as simple as a custom address label can be used to have the exact same effect. Over time, the unique label in question becomes associated with your brand.

3.  Total Consistency

What can also be great about custom address labels is the ability to achieve total consistency. With generic address labels, there may be times when the labels you normally use are unavailable. You can pick up different labels to take their place in the meantime, but consistency holds the key to building brand recognition.

Creating custom labels means being able to ensure you always have as many as you need on-hand, in order to avoid shortages. And in doing so, ensure total consistency with everything you sell.

4.  Additional Marketing Integration

Your address labels can be tweaked and modified however you like to maximise their impact and appeal. They can be used as influential marketing materials in their own right, with additional snippets about your brand and your USP.

Custom labels can also be used to inform customers of events and milestones, such as company anniversaries or important achievements.

Bespoke Labels For All Purposes…

At Mercury Labels, we offer a comprehensive range of custom labels to suit all preferences and requirements. We can help design and print your ideal address labels from scratch, as a reflection of your brand and a tool for boosting business.

For more information on any of the above or to discuss your requirements in more detail, contact a member of the team at Mercury Labels today.