Why Otakus are Happy

happy couple at home

It is now common to see otakus, which is a loving nickname for Japanese anime fans, hanging out in their fancy costumes at cosplay events. They also often meet in anime webpage communities and are seen downloading or streaming Japanese cartoons. The obsession is so intense it carries over into real life, with their fashion and merchandise strongly influenced by their love for this genre. 

But if you are frowning upon this child-like behavior that you see in adults, hold your horses. Anime otakus tend to be happier. Below are why otakus are so glad and satisfied with life. 

Immersed in Vibrant Colors

Japanese cartoons are highly artistic, so they incorporate many vibrant colors into their scenes. If you happen to catch one, youíll understand why otakus are happy. They are exposed to these colors regularly. The psychology of color indicates that these cheerful tones can positively impact a personís mood. Each color is assigned a meaning. 

For instance, green is calming, and blue is seen as de-stressing. In contrast, warmer colors like red, yellow, and orange stimulate and make you happy. In anime, no matter the theme of the show, the artist will draw you into a robust world of colors. 

Given the Opportunity to Learn New Things

Japanese anime has fans from all corners of the globe. It means that these people learn something from the Japanese culture. Immersing in something different from your own country is highly educational. It doesnít matter what anime you watch, you will surely learn something about Japanese values, traditions, and way of life. It is not uncommon for anime lovers to enjoy ramen, sushi, maki, and more. Youíll even learn a few phrases. 

Vivid Use of Imagination

Most animes feature out of this world concepts that will require you to suspend your disbelief. Some themes arenít possible in a realistic setting. To get into anime, you really need a wild imagination. By watching these fictitious shows, you kindle your imagination. Your brain receives the much-needed exercise, and your creative juices start flowing. 

Consequently, you become more creative in your work, and your mind will be opened to newer concepts. Thus, you are becoming more adaptable to any kind of situation. This is a total win-win!

Chance to Learn a Meaningful Lesson

No matter how unrealistic is the theme of your current anime obsession, there is always a redeeming value in watching it. Most shows teach a lesson and provide profound insight into life. Unlike usual cartoons that only deal with happy stuff, animes often tackle issues that are vital to human existence. Themes like social class differences, death, kinship, corruption, gender equality, and the like are addressed in shows.

Putting Importance to Friendships

You will notice that anime otakus are tightly bonded even if they donít know each other. It is common for a fan webpage to ask others to connect and be friends. The primary reason for this is these shows emphasize the importance of brotherhood and friendship. You will see animes that center on how rare it is to find an awesome friend. Because of this, anime fans value and appreciate their friendships. It is also the reason why it is effortless for them to make new friends. 

Final Word

Belonging to the anime community makes otakus quite happy as they are surrounded by like-minded people that foster a sense of belonging. Even if they are sometimes branded as weird, these anime fans donít care. They are more comfortable with their identity because they get to pursue what they like and love.