Why My Bathroom Require Tempered Glass Sheets

Bathrooms are no doubt most functional and practical areas of the home. They almost experience every kind of activity daily, a great human activity someone is singing while bathing, water splashes all over, cleanliness chores, shower gels and other liquids like that and usage of appliances as well. Due to the excessive human activity and coziness bathroom needs more strong and strenuous materials in it.

Know Why Your Bathroom Should Have Tempered Glass Sheets?

The use of glass is as normal nowadays as use of marbles or tiles in bathrooms. So when making upgradations or building entirely new bathrooms glass is used everywhere. To use glass with more safety and precautions its sheets must be of some hard and shatter-free material. To avoid any human uncertainty in case of natural calamity or glass breakage, glass sheets must be tough and stout enough to stand.  In markets, many glass types are available according to their purpose of use and location but tempered glass is preferred for making safety windows and large glass panels especially for bathrooms.

What  is Tempered Glass Sheet?

When sand particles are melted down on high temperatures they convert into transparent liquid. When this liquid is cooled down instantly it becomes glass. But to make glass harder and long-standing this liquid sand with some chemicals is cooled down not instantly but slowly. In this way, we get toughened glass or tempered glass. And this whole process of cooling down molten sand slowly at moderate temperature is called annealing.  This slow cooling process enables glass sheets to develop properties that make them tough and unbreakable.

For making security glass sheets around the building, shopping malls, corporate towers, and buildings these glass sheets are preferred due to their durability and long-standing lifetime.

What Benefits Are Provided By Tempered Glass Sheets?

Properties Of Tempered Glass

·      Toughened Sheets

Tempered glass is firm glass sheets and they are made in an unusual form too. These sheets provide more sturdiness and métier as compared to other types of sheets. Like conferring to specialists these sheets of hardened glass are three to ten times more hard and determined than regular or clear glass sheets.

·       Better Covering Is Offered

These fortified and strong sheets provide better covering and durability when applied in some spaces. As they are crack-free and not easily breakable, that’s why they are supposed to have more usage than other glass sheet types. Buildings, windows, corporate malls, shopping malls, and many other security buildings use tempered glass to make stair fittings and outer boards.

·       Longevity Is A Great Feature

When some tempered, spirited and courageous glasswork has been done around the building to make gallery or terrace railings, stairways, outer window sheets and glass walls they provide more durability because they are not as much subtle as other glass forms. As they are everlasting to the greatest level and durable for the long term so they are preferred to be used. As they enhance security and toughness.

·       Shatter-Free Surface

Even though glass is breakable no matter what type of sheeting you use. But some glass sheets stand for a long time in harsh environments. Likewise, the tempered glass sheet provides safety and toughness. But when stress is put more than their capacity then they break. But they don’t break in a typical way like what other glass types do. Instead of breaking into large and sharp pieces tempered sheets convert into small tiny pieces like car windshields and they don’t cause any human harm.

Criteria Of Tempered Glass Windows

According to international residential code and local state building authorities there are some criteria set that which places and why they must use tempered glass panels.  Let’s review them

  • A single glass sheet covering areas of 9 square feet plus within the same sheet surface must be of tempered glass.
  • Residential windows, large glass panels and doors near to kids must be a buildup of toughened glass sheets.
  • Entry and exit door where families, kids, and humans are vulnerable to harm if they shattered, they must be made of tempered sheets.
  • Giant mirrors, large looking glass sheets and bathrooms wall mirrors must be having manufactured mainly with tempered panels.
  • Car windshields, stair railings, terrace sidebars and poolside glass sheets all must be of authorized glass sheets that are enough tough and sturdy.

Why My Bathroom Require Tempered Glass Sheets

No one can deny the use of glass in bathrooms for contemporary home designing. But the question is why annealed glass sheets are preferred in the bathroom?

·      Bathroom Windows

Large bathroom windows and vanity windows are made of glass and in case of some damage, they can be broken down easily. If glass sheets and windows are not made of tempered sheets then after breaking they can cause massive clutter and can damage to human beings too. Because after shattering glass convert into large and sharp pieces. But when tempered glass after so much stress is shattered it converts into tiny safe pieces.

·       Shower Curtains

Shower wall, shower curtains, and shower panels whatever you call them they are after all glass sheets. For safety and family code of considerations, the use of ordinary glass is not permitted for shower curtains because if someone falls down or hit these glass walls then bone fracture and flesh cut can happen.

Therefore the safest option for the kids’ shower area and for the family master bathroom is use tempered and toughened glass walls. You can either replace your glasses with plexiglass, acrylics, and plastic glass sheets or simply with tempered ones.

·       Shower Tubs

Shower tubs are made up of marbles, or some times of glass. If you prefer to use shower tubs of glass then this glass type must be tempered and annealed. Because sometimes you can fall accidentally due to slipping and glass can cause severe harms. In this situation, the glass sheet must be enough with standing and hard to stay firm. But most important is human safety and here come tempered sheets to rescue at first.

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