Why More And More Legal Professionals Are Going Freelance

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For those in the legal professional who would like a more dynamic and entrepreneurial working environment a new mode of working is emerging. Many in the legal profession are tired of the archaic structures which mean that they are constantly under pressure, working to unrealistic targets and subject to internal hierarchies and politics.

However, there is a way to continue to operate as a legal professional without these kind of stifling strictures, and this is to take the opportunity to work as a freelance lawyer.


Organisations such as Passion for Law offer legal professionals a way to operate that is completely flexible but with a solid infrastructure backing them up so that they are able to take control of their working life.

Companies such as this one offer a truly agile model of business and liberate lawyers from some of the constraints that prevent them from developing more entrepreneurial opportunities.

Even more importantly, the agile way of working enables lawyers and solicitors to enjoy a better quality of life, be that spending more time with family, pursuing leisure activities or just taking breaks when you want them. Some of the many benefits include use of state of the art technology, access to experts in the sector an an attractive fee share reward system.


The new freelance opportunities offer multiple ways of doing business in the manner that suits each person’s requirements, and the beauty of this is that lawyers can take on as much or as little work as they desire and build it around their other commitments and plans.

Freelance lawyers develop their own client base, fee structure and work directly with their clients. With many of the burdens of a traditional workplace removed they can then concentrate on the key aspects of their job that matter including clients relationships and building a solid client base.

Freelance lawyers and solicitors can choose to work alone or can avail themselves of a range of central support facilities and resources. The principles of teamwork and collaboration are central to the ethos of the agile working method, whereby lawyers benefit from incentivised referral schemes and share information.

Another popular topic among office going people is politics and we have found an excellent resource on it check the workplace politics guide that has been made by Lensa.com


The benefits of this new style of working go far beyond the immediately obvious one in that you get to continue working in the legal profession without the burn-out and disillusionment that can occur in a complex legal firm set-up:

Control and Freedom: you have absolute control over your career and aspirations from day one so that you can choose how to manage your time, set your own fee structure and grow your client base as you see fit.

Financial Rewards:this can prove to be as lucrative but as flexible as you wish to make it as you set your fee structure and the sky is the limit.

Satisfied Customers:by directly dealing with clients and setting the standards of how you wish to operate you will gain very happy customers and a solid client base.

Support Services:you will be able to take advantage of a comprehensive system of support which will be at your disposal and which includes cashier support team and credit control; online case and finance management system complete with conflict checks, invoicing and time recording and access to third party suppliers such as Land Registry and Company House to name just some of the perks.

Top Of The Range Technology: with the emergence of the internet, becoming a freelance solicitor or lawyer has never been easier, and to facilitate this companies using the agile model have invested in secure cloud-based systems with real time access to a range of information and files available wherever there is internet access and a helpdesk and support system.

Practice Infrastructure:you will receive transitional help to establish the fundamentals of your business and learn how to use the support structures and infrastructure on offer.


As well as a cross-section of the benefits of working as a freelance solicitor mentioned above, although you are going it alone in one sense you are most definitely part of a collaborative and dynamic structure as outlined which can provide the release that many people in the legal profession are seeking.

Not only will you receive full support and induction into the systems and support available as well as ongoing support, but you will also get to liaise with like-minded legal professionals, network and ensure you are still at the forefront of any changes and innovations in the sector.

This can offer a new lease of life and re-instigate the passion and drive you once had for your chosen career!

Image Credits: Legal Professionals from Andrey_Popov/Shutterstock