Why Marketing Plays a Huge Role in Product Success


Marketing as the term suggests is a very crucial part in defining the success of a product. If you have a really good product and you miss out on good marketing that good product will not get the desired attention in will turn into a bad product. So doing marketing of a product such as India betting would lead to customer awareness as well when that product will start getting people’s attention then the chances for success of the product will increase.

Brand Reputation

Apart from getting people’s attention marketing also help you make and improve on your brand reputation as well. Brand reputation is a crucial part of marketing as when you do marketing your brand reputation is reflected with that. The way you do it tells the buyer about your Brand and what it is about. With brand reputation comes competition, one perfect example of this being companies that promote play casino online in India. When we are into marketing then we do face competition as well.

Healthy Competition

Competition not in bad terms but a healthy one. Which further leads to benefits to the customer in terms of good and competitive pricing along with good after-sales service as well.

Marketing Budget and Planning

Even though marketing has to do a lot with the consumer side of things but to the brand doing that requires some basics to be followed for good marketing. The most important thing brand should do before getting into is that they should decide their marketing budget as without knowing how to much and how to spend will lead to lesser profits or maybe losses even. Now how much budget to set for proper marketing depends on the product, brand value and the margins, but still, the maximum what a brand can spend should be 30% of the cost of the product. Rest depends on the consumer demand and response that can vary to brand to brand.

Building Relationship with Customer

Marketing also plays a very important role in building a relationship with your customer which further leads to good brand reputations and increases customer trust in your brand. With more trust you’ll get an advantage of word of mouth marketing which means people will refer your brand or your brand to people.

Customer Feedbacks And Response

That only happens when you have a good product and good interaction with your customer. When marketing brings you the customer and when that customer becomes your user then you start to get customer reviews and rating. Which help you improve your product and work on it if there is something wrong with it you can fix that and make your product perfect. With that customer will tend to trust your product more and have a good image for your brand.

Added Benefits of Marketing

Good marketing will definitely have a good impact in terms of revenue as well. When you market the product the right way user generally tends to buy it and when they the product they give you feedback with the feedback you can respond to the customer and build good relations with it.


At the end I would like to say that Marketing keeps you in the business, as when you are into marekting you’re competitor tries to make their product better and in this race of healthy competition you back on going in the business the right way.