Why Is Term Insurance Known As Pure Life Insurance?

Term Insurance

A Term insurance is a policy without a maturity benefit, which pays only on an assured death. It is allocated to cover the life of the assured, and no saving component is there. Thatís why; it is known as pure life insurance. It offers a higher amount assured for an economical premium as it is purely based on the risk of losing a life. Like any other life insurance, it is also an insurance covering the risk of ďevent happeningĒ. No payout is there if the event does not happen.

It is important to be aware of the term insurance benefits if you arenít sure to avail. Knowing the benefits will help you to make full use of it. Here are some of the advantages that you would receive after getting a term plan.

∑ Greatest death benefit

Term insurance gives a person the greatest death benefit while paying the lowest premium when itís issued. But it does not indicate that term insurance is the least expensive insurance form. After each renewal, the premium increases, and at a later stage, the premium cost is more than the ordinary term policy.

∑ Lower immediate cost for younger customers

At a lower cost, younger customers have the feasibility to avail the term insurance at substantial face amounts. It is a benefit that you will not experience with any other insurance.

∑ The best alternative for short term frame and temporary needs

A term life insurance is an eminent alternative for the needs of temporary life insurance. If protection is required for ten years, it is the best alternative that you can avail of. Term insurance is much better than any other cash value insurance, and thatís why, people opt for it.

∑ Without delay, pay to the beneficiary

Life insurances are not a part of a probate estate until specified as the beneficiary of the policy. Thus, without delay, the proceeds can be paid to the beneficiary.

∑ Can be combined with others

Many types of term insurance are there, such as decreasing, level, and increasing, combined with other permanent insurance. It is done depending on an individualís requirements to meet affordable needs, death protection, and savings.

∑ Preserves confidentiality

No public record is there to whom the death amount is to be payable or who will get the benefit of the amount. The confidentiality is maintained for the policyís beneficiary, which is a significant benefit.

∑ No income taxes

The death benefits are not subjected to income taxes, so it is not counted as taxable income. It is a benefit that you will get only with term life insurance.

∑ Used as collateral

For personal loans, term insurance policies can be used as collateral. A term policy can help you get a loan, and the repay on loan needs to be repaid unless she or he dies.

Final thoughts

Term insurance is a brilliant investment, providing financial security at an economical price. Did you invest in term insurance? If not, itís time to give a thought to term insurance.