Why is jQuery essential for your website’s development?

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The web developers and the programmers have always been looking for new tools and improved procedures which can enhance their business website’s performances. They will also be required to look for and apply new SEO friendly methods which can go on to ensure that their websites are properly optimized and that they are able to also perform according to the newest algorithm updates from search engines.

jQuery was first released way back thirteen years ago in 2006. It is the best cross-browser program; it is an open-sourced library and is used all over the world. The popularity of jQuery has risen to a massive extent all over, and it is at present the most sought-after JavaScript library, which is available to the developers. There are a number of experts who have deemed that jQuery is perhaps the best software for web development based on the popularity it enjoys and its huge growth rate.

Today some of the most popular websites in the world are those who have been built by jQuery, and it might be safely said that this platform is going to be here for a while and it would continue to grow in the future.

Why is jQuery popular as a platform for web development?

It is understandable that you would be wondering about the reason why jQuery has seen such high rates of growth in these last five years or so. There have to be some factors which make it so well-preferred amongst people. It is understood that it helps in optimizing the performance of a website, but how does it take place?

  1. It is user-friendly: One of the most basic reasons why jQuery is so popular is because it offers users easy usability and ease of access. It will be extremely easy for users to master this than any other form of JavaScript libraries. Aside from the fact that it uses simple syntax, it will also be working with minimal coding, and it would still be able to achieve similar and effective functionality while compared to the standard JavaScript.

2. It is well resourced: jQuery has a huge library, and it would enable the users to go and perform a lot of difficult tasks which they would not have been able to perform with other web development platforms. 

3. Community-based assistance: jQuery is open-sourced, and hence it will come with a strong open-sourced community which will be offering a number of enhanced features on a regular basis. The seasoned members would be devoting themselves to always developing their platform more and then enhancing the functionality that it has. As a result of this, there would be a lot of prewritten plugins which would be easily available for you to download instantly and it can make your process of web development quite quick and fast. 

4. It helps build comprehensive websites: The official website of jQuery is also full of amazing stuff. It will offer you detailed documentation, and you will also get clear and precise tutorials which would also help the beginners to learn about programming tasks.

5. Support for Ajax: The jQuery developers would be getting continuous support for Ajax. By using the jQuery platform, you would be easily able to develop the Ajax templates. It will also help you in making your user interfaces appear sleeker, and it would make them a lot convenient for general use. By having the Ajax templates, you would be able to perform and also complete actions on your page and not even require reloading the pages again. A user interface which is easily navigable is an essential aspect which would always keep the visitors hooked on to your business website.

It is important to also pay attention to the fact that in spite of having so many benefits, the jQuery and other JavaScript will have some issues which might impact the search engine optimization of a business website. It is important that we explore these aspects which can help in making you sure that when you use jQuery, you do not negatively impact your SEO’s performance. It is important for you to learn about the ways that the jQuery can actually help you in getting more organic traffic.

How can you make your business website built on jQuery friendlier for search engine optimization?

It will not be enough to have a beautiful user interface on your business website to make it successful. You would also have to optimize the web pages for the different search engines which can increase the search engine result page rankings of your website. This will ensure that the target audience is able to easily find you whenever they want to look for targeted keywords. You will need to follow the following tips in order to understand this:

  1. You will have to reduce your HTML tagging whenever it is possible. Basically, there would be two main ways of ensuring that you can have as much HTML tags that you really need. You will, first, need to add codes on a dynamic basis as this can help in the smooth function of your user interface once the pages have loaded completely. The second thing which you would need is removing the auto-generated codes where they are unnecessary.

2. You will need to avoid creating any blank links which would not have much use.

3. You must offer non-JavaScript versions also which would be static versions of the content that is published on your page. This will help in improving your SEO. For more information on the importance of jQuery, you should visit New York SEO.


jQuery is the best web development platform for web developers. It offers multiple benefits, and it is also good for your website’s search engine optimization. You will find plenty of resources to make your website become more functional, and this will make it more popular.  To make the best use of this you can get in touch with reliable professionals and use their help.

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