Why Is It Beneficial to Build a Chat Application in Angular?

Chat Application

Angular’s recent popularity proves how useful it is for developers who build chat applications. It’s like an umbrella that covers almost all the features and functions that chat app developers need. Introduced by Google in 2009, Angular has come a long way to becoming one of the leading applications to build digital products. Wondering how it contributes to developing chat applications? Here are some of the benefits of using Angular that you should know.

1. Out of the box functionality

You don’t need to tweak the settings of Angular right after you install it. An application built using Angular chat has all the default setup providing everything you need to develop a chat application. This includes essential tools that help in routing. It makes it easier to fetch the data you want in your application. Most importantly, the preconfigured environment in Angular helps develop applications and test them at different stages.

There’s no need to use third-party libraries to develop your chat application’s basic platform. The Angular team provides an official library, which means higher code quality and better security.

2. Built-in TypeScript

Angular comes with built-in TypeScript. One of the biggest benefits of having an application built using Angular chat is it allows developers to use simple and clean codes, making it easier to spot bugs and eliminate them as and when they show up on tests. This also makes it way faster to maintain a larger codebase and debug tests whenever necessary. It is very helpful for developers working on enterprise-scale projects.

TypeScript, being a part of JavaScript, allows you to do much more with codes than you can expect. You can add enums and interfaces on your chatting application and get refactoring services, navigation, and better auto completion.

3. Consistency

React is the closest competitor to Angular when it comes to developing chatting applications. But it doesn’t have the responsive web design framework that Angular has, thus falls short of expectations from developers. Angular provides a consistent code base whenever you need. Whether you are designing a chatting application or building any other digital product, you need consistency in coding if you want to become successful. And Angular provides that setup you require.

Angular goes the distance and uses a CLI tool that creates repetitive blocks of code from different command lines. This means you don’t need to retype those codes while designing chat applications. Just use the CLI tool and paste similar codes. This not only saves time but also reduces chances of errors. With high levels of consistency, developers can quickly get the hand of the structure of an app. They can then build around that structure and develop other codes. This reduces cost and also improves efficiency.

4. Productivity

With increased efficiency, there is also an improvement in productivity. App developers don’t need to spend time figuring out the different functions and utilities of different components. Once you know how to write one component, you can follow the same process for all the other components that follow. You can maintain the same code structure and general guidelines for the rest of them.

Another reason why it is beneficial for using Angular is its high readability. This makes it easier for any new developer to get used to an ongoing project. IT interns often have to join practical classes right in the middle of an ongoing project so that they understand what their job role would be like. If the developers are using Angular, it makes interns understand the structure of the app easily. They can point out potential bugs in apps when developers ask them to come up with faults in their apps. This also gives interns a hands-on training on building chatting apps.

5. Maintainability

Angular is widely popular for its code maintainability in various ways. Quite specifically, Angular-related packages get updated at the same time when a new version comes out. This means when you get a notification to upgrade your Angular version, it would automatically update all the packages that come with it. From Angular Material to HTTP, you will notice upgraded versions of all these packages once the update finishes.

Updating your Angular version is quite easy. You get a command called “ng update.” Just click on that command and keep using Angular. The update will take place in the background. Sometimes Angular removes outdated components and replaces them with new ones. But you will get all your saved jobs for those components in the new ones. This improves the implementation of different features, making it easier for newbie developers to design chatting apps.

6. Modular development structure

Angular works on a modular structure. This helps developers to divide the codes into different modules. You can easily organize the messaging app’s functionality and create reusable chunks of code that reduce both time and development costs. Additionally, the Angular community supports different readymade components, allowing developers to align third-party components without any disruption.

Working on different modules also helps to divide developmental work efficiently. You can distribute the models among different teams so that each one can focus on individual models instead of interfering with each other’s work. It ensures that the code stays clean and organized with little to no bugs because each team runs thorough tests before presenting their modules.

It is safe to say that Angular is by far the best platform to use for building chat applications with so many benefits. Use it to experience why thousands of developers love Angular.