Why is Andar Bahar Online such a Rage?

From a traditional game played in the remotes of South India to one of the hottest games on the internet, Andar Bahar has transitioned and grown in popularity. Read on to know why.

If the west has poker, India has Andar Bahar. It’s out and out a desi game developed for desi punters that like to be thrilled and rewarded.The card game has its origin in Karnataka. There the locals call it ULLAE VELIYAE, meaning Andar Bahar in Hindi and inside-outside in English.

Andar Bahar has ruled the land-based casinos across India for quite a while. As the internet penetrated all aspects of our lives, the game went digital. The online casinos are now attracting a deluge of players from across demographics, genders, occupations, and geographies.

Why is AndarBahar exploding in popularity? Join us as we explore the reasons, one at a time. 

It’s a game of chance:

The lure of games of chance is strong since antiquity.In games of chance, you count on luck more than skills to succeed.Punters find these games more exhilaratingcompared to games of skill where the outcome can be largely predetermined. Imagine having your money at stake in a game where you have no influence over the hand’s outcome. Its thrill redefined for you.

Andar Baharis also a game of chancejust like roulette, wheel of fortune, slots, craps, lottery, and tons of table games. You’ll feel bouts of thrill each time the dealer deals a card to either of the piles, Andar or Bahar, at https://www.10cric.com.Even if you end up losing the game, the ecstasy and the entertainment value of the game will bringyou back for more.

It’s simple:

Card games cannot get any simpler than Andar Bahar. The game sets in motion with the dealer dealing the house card, and then creating two piles, on each side of the house card, Andar and Bahar. The dealing happens until a card matching the house card in rank surfaces. If you have guessed the pile where the matching card will appear, you win. If not, try your luck again.

You don’t need to acquire special skills or implement complex strategies to ace the dealer in Andar Bahar. Once the bet is made at sevenjackpots.com/andar-bahar, you have nothing much to do other than enjoying the moment and anticipating a big payday. Just arm yourself with the applicable rules, gameplay, and other dynamics of Andar Bahar, you are good to go.

It’s authentic desi:

The nationalistic bravado runs deep in India. Indians are rediscovering their roots and taking pride in all things Indian. Andar Bahar feeds this inclination to the fullest. After all, it’s a desi game with roots in the southern state of Karnataka and a history dating back to centuries. The game has evolved over the years and went digital while retaining its Indian essence.

As it turns out to be, Andar Bahar strikes a chord with desi bettors looking for something desi to play. Visit env.media/cash-cow-for-operator-w-teen-patti-andar-baharfor more infoon Indian players’ psyche, preferences, behavior, and everything else there’s to know about gambling.It’s the only stop for data-based profiling of Indian I-gamers and product preferences.

It’s profitable:

No matter how engrossing a game is, it won’t attract players if the profitability is missing. With Andar Bahar, you stay profitable despite the high stakes. The game offers you better odds for better earnings. Who knows? A life-changing amount might be your way if you are lucky enough. However, returns are not guaranteed. It’s wise to bet an amount you are comfortable losing.      

The odds are high that the matching card will surface on the pile to which the cards are dealt first. So, your payout on this would be 0.9 to 1. A successful bet of INR 1000 will fetch you INR 1900. On the other hand, payouts are 1 to 1 for the second pile, fetching you INR 2000 for every INR 1000 successful bet. As the house edge is just 2-3%, your payouts are maximized.

It has variants:

Let go of the misconception that Andar Bahar lacks variety. From formats to the type of bets, there’s ample variety to spoil you for choices.Any top casino like sevenjackpots.com/andar-bahar delights you Online, Live, Video, Multiplayer, and Speed Andar Bahar options. Feel free to choose a gaming format that suits your style of play, betting objectives, and bankroll.

The betting options are aplenty to allow for more action and greater winnings. Specifications may vary from one online casino to the other, but common bets include the inside-outside bet, the house card colorbet, the number of cards dealt bet,the second bet after dealing a couple of cards, and more. The variety is a huge factor that drives the popularity of Andar Bahar.

It comes with perks:

Onlinecasinos are relatively cost-effective to set up and operate. Unlike land-based casinos, they need not invest in premises, equipment, staff, and paraphernalia. They can,thus, afford to pass on the savings to players in the form of bonuses and other money-saving perks. With Andar Bahar going digital, these perks come your too, provided you choose the online casino wisely.

At 10cric.com, expect a hefty welcome bonus on signing up. The welcome bonus is casino-specific, varying from one casino to the other. But it helps you save on your deposit amount. Loyalty bonuses are also gettable if you play with a given web casino for longer. The easy availability of freebies also accounts for the rising popularity of Andar Bahar.

It offers fast gameplay:

Modern-day players have hectic schedules and fleeting patience. They cannot withstand the slow pace at which many games operate. Andar Baharkeeps them covered with superfast gameplay.When played online, the proceedings unfold at even faster speeds, adding to the thrill that you associatewith a game of chance.There’s never a dull moment with Andar Bahar.

And it’s legal:

The gambling laws are a bit murky in India. They might vary from state to state and game to game. Many games of chance are illegal in some states of the Indian union and legal in others. Breathe easy, as Andar Baharis perfectly legal in most states. That means you won’t land on the wrong side of the law when playing Andar Bahar, rest assured. For more information on legality issues visit env.media/cash-cow-for-operator-w-teen-patti-andar-bahar.

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