Why Do So Many People Love The Book Of Dead Slot Game?

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The world of online slot machine games is now growing faster than ever before. With so much on offer, players now have the pick of the finest slots on the planet.

Although online gambling is booming,  it should be noted that there are a few top slot games that players just cant see to get enough of. One of these slot games is called Book of Dead, a hugely popular title that has been beloved by players everywhere since it was released.

Yet why is the slot game Book of Dead so excellent? In this article, we will be asking and hopefully answering the question: Why do so many people love the Book of Dead slot game?

Book Of Dead: Gameplay

Book of Dead is renowned as a game that provides the best bonus rounds in the business. On top of this, the wilds on this slot are also first-class, which is yet another reason for the considerable ubiquity of this title at the worlds best casino sites. Players can enjoy a high-quality welcome bonus in addition to free spins for the Book Of Dead Slot at Fruityking.co.uk.

With five reels and ten pay-lines, this slot looks great on both mobile and desktop, with both offering some real thrills and spills! The minimum bet here is only 10? and it is possible to go all the way up to 100 on a single spin! Add in the fact that you can rake in 5,000x your take in a single spin and it is clear that this is a truly thrilling title. In reality, you can grab up to 500,000 on a single spin in what has to be a truly original title!

Book Of Dead: Theme and Looks

The thing that truly makes the Book of Dead slot game better than most of the competition is the fact that this is a game that has a little bit of everything.

It has to be said that the Book of Dead slot game is one of the best-looking titles in the world. With software from industry giant Play N Go, the graphics in this game are second to none. Indeed, some players say that the Book Of Dead slot is among the finest games ever created by any of the top software developers. Certainly, the dazzling colours of Book of the Dead in combination with the stunning symbols really help bring to life the world of Ancient Egypt.

Indeed, the theme of Book of Dead is another masterstroke. After all, who isnt fascinated by Ancient Egypt? In an industry packed with slots that look and feel alike, Book of Dead stands head and shoulders above the rest!

Another awesome element of this slot game is the inclusion of the exciting character Rich Wilde, who brings more than a little wild energy to this game and makes an already top-tier slot just that little bit better still!