Why do influencers use a selfie ring light?

influencers use a selfie ring light

The cutthroat world of social media requires as much effort and dedication as any other field. As technology advances, bloggers and influencers find themselves in a rally for producing better and high-quality images than before.

However, the introduction of one helpful bit of technology has helped various of these influencers.

Yup, you guessed right! The selfie ring light has been a literal beacon of light!

But what is it? And how do you use it? These are some of the questions we’ll help you answer right now, so keep reading to learn about these handy devices.

What are Ring Lights?

Initially used in the medical industry for surgical processes, ring lights are a lighting tool used for beauty shots.

As the name suggests, tiny bulbs are arranged in a circular shape to create one object that emits soft, diffused light that helps capture clear and crisp images.

New additions to the whole design of the led ring selfie light, like its flexible stand, allow you to manipulate its position as well, so you can angle it towards you, downwards or above, etc.

Are they worth it?

If you want excellent, eye-catching photography and video making without the burden of getting professional (and complicated!) photography equipment, then definitely.

Ring light makes a huge change in your content and is versatile enough to be used for various types of photography.

Which one to get?

With so many various types out there the question that may be ringing in your head is what is the best selfie light ring to get?

There is no right answer to this, but you can buy one according to your needs and requirements.

Some types that you can get are

  1. Laptop ring light: This can be easily clipped onto your screen and is especially helpful if you have a lot of online meetings or have like having live streams.
  2. Clippable ones: These come with a stand that also has a clipping cable for your phone. So you can have a good light source and don’t need to keep holding on to your phone.
  3.  Ring lights with stands: These come with a stand and are usually good when you want a full-length lighting.

What are they used for?

Because of their versatility and ease of use, you can use these for a wide range of functions.

Portrait Photography

Using a ring light helps in producing the right effects for your portraits. The even and diffused light produces little shadows while ensuring that all the important features of your subject or your face are highlighted properly.

Selfie light rings for phones are ideal for selfie lovers as well, to take memorable photographs with your friends or a snap-worthy selfie!

This makes your portrait immediately more engaging and gets more and more viewers.

Food Blogging

If you are a food blogger, then making food look appealing is a must. Luckily ring lights do just that.

And as a plus point, various types of ring lights are small and compact so that you can take your selfie light stand anywhere with you and take them out while in a restaurant or cafe.

Applying Makeup

Have you ever gone out of your house feeling satisfied with your makeup, but on reaching your venue, you’re just disappointed with how you look?

At home, lighting conditions are not ideal or are pretty underwhelming in comparison to lighting outside or a well-lit hall, auditorium, etc.

Ring lights produce pretty powerful light, with usually a good color rating of around 54000K. This sort of light is perfect for makeup application for events or while making tutorials.

No need to worry about overcast days now!

Macro Photography

Have you seen those cool images of small objects i.e of bugs, eyes, water droplets on a leaf, etc? For such photos, God is in the details, and well, these require a lot of light to capture the maximum amount of details.

However, ring lights can provide this right amount of light to allow your subject to pop out and give you amazing final results

Color effects

Sometimes, generic pictures with basic lighting do not work, or it becomes redundant. One way to spice up your photography game is by playing with colors. Different colors produce different effects, and a ring light is a perfect object to do that.

You can even play with one or more colors at the same time or have a theme, i.e., a sunset theme, in the comfort of your very own room. Neat, right?

Video making

While making your videos or during your live streams, a steady and stable light source will help in making it more appealing and professional.

So what are you waiting for, buy your Selfie light ring right now!


As social media morphs constantly, it is very important for influencers and bloggers to keep themselves up to date with the latest technology to maintain their viewership.

However, one thing will stay permanent, and that is people’s love for good pictures and videos and getting a selfie light for that is one simple solution to your problems.

Hopefully, our article helped clear some questions about ring lights and their usage.

Good luck!