Why Do a Podcast Audit and How it Works

Podcast Audit

You may have wondered to yourself, “Why am I not gaining new listeners?” “Why am I not profiting from my podcast?” “Why did my podcast plateau?”

It is frustrating to know that your podcast has stopped growing after some time. It can also be worrisome trying to figure out your next move. There are many elements to consider that can make or break a podcast.

Managing your podcast is like baking a cake. Missing one ingredient can ruin the whole cake. A podcast audit can help identify the problem of your show. It relies on the experience of others to take the guesswork out. It also provides a plan on what to do next.

What is a Podcast Audit?

Checking and reviewing podcasts over time is a must. Podcast Audits check which elements your podcast lacks to achieve success. It can provide a checklist of what your podcast can have.

Creating a checklist is a must to determine the problem of your podcast. You can avail a podcast audit service to do it for you. You can hire someone else to do the audit for you.

On the other hand, do a self-podcast audit if you do not have the budget for it. There are several ways to do a self-podcast audit. We will talk about these methods later on.

Why Should You Do It?

If you noticed that your podcast has not been growing the way it should, a podcast audit should help. Like mentioned earlier, a podcast audit can help take out the guesswork. It determines the problem of your show. It also creates a checklist of solutions to assist the growth of your podcast.

Doing a podcast audit will fine-tune your podcast workflow. If you already have a smooth workflow, it is still beneficial to let a professional check it. It is challenging to be objective when it comes to our creative projects. Having other people check your podcast can offer a fresh perspective. There are benefits to letting others check your show.

Podcast audits are available for your analytics, content, social media marketing, and technology setup. Professionals can tweak these factors to improve your workflow. If you cannot afford a podcast audit service, then a self-podcast check is for you.

There are two ways you can do the audit by yourself. Both these methods have the long term goal of acquiring more listeners. You can do a checklist on your podcast for the first method. It focuses on your content, market strategy, and the technology you use.

The second method involves performing your podcast audit. This method focuses on the workflow of your podcast. Both these methods will ensure the success of your podcast in the long run.

Getting Podcast Audit Services

Hiring a professional is beneficial for your podcast. Availability of a podcast service is quicker and easier than auditing by yourself. Professionals use their experience to improve the system of how your podcast works. By doing this, you immediately skip the trial-and-error process.

They first collect your data and information about your podcast. After that, they compare your podcast to other successful podcasts. It determines the strengths and weaknesses of your show. Lastly, you will have a call with your podcast auditing service to talk about these.

  • How your podcast fared among other successful podcasts
  • What they think you are doing well, and what you should be doing more of
  • What they recommend you should avoid doing
  • A checklist of priorities and action steps

These providers usually confirm if this method is right for you. They usually lay conditions to check if you need a podcast audit from them. Some services will offer a refund once they do not see results after three months.

Quick Audit

To do a quick podcast audit, you should answer the following questions.

  • Do you have a bitrate of at least 64 kbps to 96 kbps?
  • Do you mention your active listeners in your podcast?
  • Do you check your data consumption on Google, Spotify, and iTunes?
  • Do you repurpose your content?
  • Do you offer your listeners a chance to support your show with donation sites?

How many questions can you answer with a yes? If it is less than five, then you need to work on your podcast. Each question can be a quick solution to your problem.  You never know that your show may be missing one of these quick solutions.

Starting your Podcast Audit

These are the actions steps you can take to do a podcast audit.

  • Select a small, measurable goal
  • Set a numerical goal (No. of subscribers or followers)
  • Track your progress through google sheets or notion
  • Set deadlines for your goals

Patience is key when trying to improve your podcast.  Remember that progress takes time.

Your setbacks serve as stepping stones toward achievement. Make sure to adjust accordingly to your overall goal.

Final Thoughts

Podcast is more than recording a video or audio content and then converting them like an AVI to MP4 converter. Podcasting does not end with posting a podcast online.

A podcast audit takes time and effort to do. There are ways you can perform a podcast audit.  What is important is that you should be comfortable with how you do it.

Being frustrated is normal in your podcast journey. Remember to be patient.  A podcast cannot grow overnight. It takes time to accumulate your followers and listeners. If you invest your time and effort into your podcast, you will surely achieve success.