Why buying a franchise can be a smart move

buying a franchise

For aspiring entrepreneurs, buying into an existing franchise is a perfect way to start a company. A big part comes from the fact that they are proven systems that have been fine-tuned over time to be as efficient and profitable as possible. Additionally, franchises in the home improvement industry, for example, have lower start-up costs, an established customer base, and constant support for the franchisor. Read below to learn why buying a franchise could be right for you.

What is a franchise?

A franchise is an exclusive right to sell someone elseís product or service. Although franchising sounds expensive, it can be a smart way to get into business and grow your business. A reputable franchise company will provide you with much of what you need to succeed. In exchange for royalties and other fees, they will help you develop your business plan, obtain financing and provide training that will help you succeed in your new venture. Some things to consider before buying a franchise

Things to consider before you buy a franchise

One thing thatís easy to forget is that youíre buying more than just an opportunityóyouíre purchasing a brand. Franchises are often well-established, bringing with them valuable customer bases and goodwill. But they also come with legal requirements and franchisor support, which could come in handy if there are any issues or challenges along your entrepreneurial journey. For example, you might be required to comply with certain operational procedures or employee training programs as outlined in your franchise agreement. Before you jump into business ownership, take some time to weigh all of these things so you know what youíre getting into.

What questions should you ask before buying a franchise?

Make sure you know exactly what youíre getting into before plunking down your hard-earned money. The SBA recommends asking these questions before buying a franchise: What are my responsibilities? How much will it cost to open and operate? Will I have to purchase inventory? How much will I make in fees and royalties, and how long will they last? Where is my market, how large is it, and how fast is it growing? What kind of support will I get from management during training and after opening my business? What are its current sources of revenues; forecasts for future growth; and plans for expansion of products or services in existing or new markets.

Where can you browse franchises for sale?

A franchise directory is a website that can assist you in your search for an available franchise. To browse franchises for sale, you can use a franchise directory like Franchise UK which is an online marketplace of franchises for sale. There are multiple websites that specialize in offering franchising opportunities so itís best to do some research about them before settling on one for your business search. Some of these directories allow you to peruse their listings of available franchises and submit an application online but others require you to submit your information via email first then set up an appointment for follow-up questions.

How much do franchises usually cost?

Well, that depends on which franchise you’re buying. Some franchises can be purchased for less than £30,000 and others cost more than £1 million. You should take into account your own personal finances when thinking about how much money you have to invest into a franchise. Many investors find ways to put as little money down as possible when purchasing a franchise; doing so helps minimize financial risk, but it also increases time-to-liquidity (the time it takes for you to start earning an income from your investment).

How do you get in touch with franchisors?

You can contact franchisors about their franchises for sale using a franchise directory by sending a free enquiry using an online franchise directory.Franchise directory websites allow business owners to grow their small business through franchising. Upon sending this enquiry you will receive free information around the franchise and its operations from this information you should be able to decide whether it will be the right opportunity for you.

Why franchises are so popular

If youíre thinking about buying a franchise, you probably want to know whether itís really as good of an investment as it sounds. While there are no guarantees when it comes to business ownership, franchises certainly give you certain advantages over starting from scratch. They often have built-in support systems and established systems for success that can be tailored to your lifestyle and interests. And if for some reason things donít work out with your franchise, you can always try again with another one.


There are some cases where buying an existing franchise can be smart. If you have experience in business, or if youíre looking to buy into a strong, long-lasting brand that has plenty of room for growth, buying an existing franchise might be right for you. When evaluating your options, make sure to check out both start-up and established franchises before making any decisions.

That way, youíll know whether or not it makes sense to jump into one at all. Either way, make sure to do your research beforehand; nothing good happens when people buy something they donít understand or donít want.

Also keep in mind that franchising doesn’t always mean successóno matter what anyone tells you! Also if you own a successful franchise and have been considering perhaps selling your business directories such as Businesses For Sale UK can be used as a list of UK-based businesses for sale.