Who can change your life?

Life buoy in sand at beach

It looks like a very easy and simple question to ask from ourselves. The answer might be known to many. But for those who are still wondering-itís you. Only you and your thoughts plus acts can change your life. The happenings of your lives are in your mind. By this I mean we are developed in a manner that we can take our own decisions, we can choose to act or react on certain situations. The rule here is:

ďChange Yourself, To Change Your LifeĒ

Life is all about changes; can be constant or predictable. The factors that bring the change are your own feelings or the attitudes we keep in your life. Your acts define you so well that you canít even imagine. Being a human we are able to choose, hence, all of our choices takes us to the results we later face in our lives.

Having a troubling life?

Are the things in life not as per your wants then remember; accept the changes as they are or else change the things to what you accept. Your mind, your actions and your life must go parallel because if they donít trouble starts. One has to understand that not only the external matters matter but the internal persona plays a vital role too. Your life is not troubling as a whole. There must be a single point asking you to either change it or your behavior towards it. Problems are like winters, they have to interact with you once in a while to make you realize the worth of summers. 

Modify things for betterment

When you bring modification in any of your daily task, you actually impact your individuality. Knowingly or unknowingly you can do well to others too. As far as your intentions are bright, nothing can come in your way towards improvement. 

Thinking and planning big is not enough, performing and acting actively carry out changes, developments and improvements. From minor to major aspects of life, one has to be smart or act wise, in order to, avoid the worst sufferings. Decisions in this regard play a very important and solid role. They may save you from or burry you in troubles. But you have to be strong and move ahead steadily.

For instance:

Richard Alden, best known for his work changed and modified the scenario of the happenings in his life. As a tech pioneer, he dreamed big and acted even wiser by not switching his private firm to be public. ONO telecoms Spain, his workplace, where he used to spend the major active hours of the day, was in dire need of improvement. He, being the CEO, managed to take ONO among the top companies of the country. All this was possible by bringing huge investments to the company and indirectly affecting the country also.


It is not enough to know that you or any of your scenarios are in need of enhancement, the need of the hour should be to perform what is right. Rather than choosing self benefit merely. If the problem lies within your own self then be straightforward to yourself and bring the right change soon. If the modification is required in your office, your home or any other place, do not act selfishly until it is not regarding you.