Where to sell original watercolour paintings??

watercolour paintings

Watercolour is one of the artistic techniques between drawing and painting. Many people think it is very childlike and not very complicated. In fact it is one of the most challenging. To be a good watercolorist, you must have a sure eye, a steady hand and an absolute sense of colour. In this article we will try to answer this question and recommend G.Art online Gallery for you to be able to buy or sell your own drawings.

An introduction to watercolours is usually the first step in learning how to paint. A future artist learns the basic techniques of watercolor techniques: painting on wet paper, translucent layers (glaze), alla prima (that is, in one sitting, quickly).

Probably the main reason for the popularity of water color is its availability. Painting in oil, for example, requires a canvas, thinners, a special place and clothes that one is not afraid to get dirty. One can paint in watercolour everywhere. One should simply take a paint box, a brush, a jar of water, a pile of paper and a landscape or a still-life is ready. Watercolour blends well with other materials such as ink, acrylics, pencils, gel pens, charcoal, felt-tip pens. Watercolours can be used to create illustrations, including botanical illustrations, collages, for painting photos, even for body art.

How to become a famous watercolor artist?

Despite the accessibility and popularity of watercolour, it is not easy to become a good watercolourist. This technique doesn’t like to be “dry”, to create impressive watercolour paintings you have to combine all its advantages: transparence, fluidity, plasticity. The biggest disadvantage of watercolor is the impossibility to rewrite and correct the unsuccessful fragment. So to become a famous watercolorist you need not only talent but also a great amount of hard work. And also familiarity with the works of the best artists of the past and the present, participation in competitions, art-residencies, and the desire to be a leader in your business.

Famous watercolor artworks

The watercolour technique originated in China, where paper was invented. Europe began using watercolours with whitewashing in the 12th century in book illustration, while artists only started working with transparent pigments by the 16th century. From there the famous “Hare” by Albrecht Dürer, a small animal painted with great skill, looks at us. Since then many masterpieces of watercolour painting have been created: impressionistic landscapes by William Turner, courtly characters by Konstantin Somov, sensual and tender female portraits by Steve Hanks, city lights shining at night by Lin Ching-Che, the fantastic world of Arush (Alexander) Votsmush, silvery Paris by Thierry Duval, smoky architecture by Joseph Zbukvic, wild nature by Abe Toshiyuki.

How to draw an expensive watercolor painting?

When Wassily Kandinsky painted his abstract watercolour, did he think the work would once be worth £1.5 million? A modern artist will not be able to sell a watercolour for that much, but a quality painting is highly prized. The key to success in the art market is recognisable name and style, a vast number of paintings, collaboration with leading art dealers, perhaps creating a master class or school of your own. The theme and size of the painting are also important – large watercolour paintings are expensive. Incidentally, the largest watercolour in the world was recently painted by Barbara Prey, an American who needed a special easel for it!

Where to buy watercolored artworks?

You can buy watercolour paintings in different styles in galleries, in showrooms and at fairs. In recent years sales of watercolour paintings on the internet have developed rapidly. International online platform G. ART Gallery offers to buy original watercolor paintings online for decoration or as a gift. The works are created by professional artists from Eastern Europe and each work is individually selected.

What way can watercolor painters use our platform to sale their artworks

G.ART Gallery is open for cooperation with masters from Eastern Europe, where there is a rich tradition of watercolour painting. For example you can sell your paintings on Gart gallery watercolor drawing catalogue. Through G.ART, painters can make themselves known to the world, and buyers have the opportunity to meet both established and emerging artists and buy their watercolour work for their collections.