Where to Buy Unique Pig Gifts? 5 Best Cute Pig Gifts Online

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There are many reasons to love pigs and most of us have family members and friends who love Miss Piggy and Babe. Pigs are highly intelligent, sensitive, playful, and friendly animals. Research has shown that they’re even smarter than dogs, and they have complex social lives rivaling those of primates. Much like humans, pigs like to play ball, find music soothing, and enjoy getting massages.

The Chinese zodiac equates the pig with happiness, fortune, and honesty. And, the pig was especially honored in 2019 because it was the year of the pig. There are many pig-themed gifts out there to delight the pig lovers in your life. Here’s a list of the five best online shops to find the perfect piggy gifts along with three intriguing picks from each one that are guaranteed to inspire you. 

1. Amazon

Amazon needs no introduction as there’s probably no one in the USA who hasn’t purchased something from this online e-commerce giant. In the very beginning, Amazon sold only books. Today, the company is a titan of e-commerce and the go-to site for online shoppers including those looking for pig-themed gifts. 

  • Piglet Wine Holder – Why not give this adorable pig wine holder to your wine connoisseur friend? The recipient may be so delighted, they’ll even give piggy a name. This unique wine holder is about eleven inches long and fashioned from high-quality resin. This piglet wine guzzler will be a conversation starter at any home wine party.
  • Piggy Night Light – This dimmable, energy-saving LED night light is sure to delight any child and make getting them into bed easier. It comes with wireless remote control with a range of 10 meters, and you can set the timer to turn off the light in 10, 20, or 30 minutes. It’s also designed to withstand minor drops or bumps. This light, with its adorable pink pig design, makes an eye-catching addition to any child’s bedroom. 
  • Coloring Book – I Just Really Like Pigs Ok – This pig-themed coloring book is meant for all ages, from kids to seniors. The designs vary from easy to more complex and include henna, mandala, and paisley designs that help to relieve stress. Kids will also get a kick out of the title!

2. Etsy

Etsy is the online way for crafters and artisans to sell their homemade products to the world. Etsy enables each seller to set up a customized online store with full e-commerce capabilities. It’s an easy, affordable, and effective way to reach consumers such as yourself looking for pig-themed gifts. 

  • Chocolate Pigs – Don’t just give the typical box of chocolates. The chocolate lover in your life can pig out with these four chocolate porkers. These pigs are handmade from white Belgian chocolate. They are dyed pink using a natural dye, and don’t you just love their little curly tails? What’s more, these pigs can be combined with other chocolate critters to create a delicious edible menagerie.
  • Pig Socks – A pair of pig socks makes a great gift for a child or an adult with a sense of humor. These foot warmers are handmade from the best quality combed cotton and polyamide. They feel fabulous to the touch and are really comfortable on your feet. However, the best part is that not only do these socks amusingly feature pigs, but they are deliberately mismatched to add to the fun.
  • DIY Papercraft Pig – With this DIY craft gift the recipient can create a perfect sculpture of a sitting pig. You don’t get anything in the mail; the necessary files are delivered online, just download a PDF template for printing on colored paper of your choice and assemble. This project will delight any young computer-savvy person that you know. It’s a fun craft that’s easy to put together. This would also be a good idea for a children’s birthday party, other animals are also available.

3. Animal Den

Animal Den is an online site that has been providing high quality and unique animal-themed gifts since 1998. You’re sure to find some exciting pig-themed gifts by browsing this company’s offerings. 

  • Red River Stuffed Hog – Pigs come in several varieties and some of them are wild like the red river hog. A pig lover willgo hog wild over this lifelike stuffed pig. It measures about twelve inches and is handcrafted out of child-safe materials. This colorful pig will make a great gift for pig lovers of all ages. It’s really soft and would be great for anyone who wants the unique experience of cuddling with a hog.
  • Pig Hand Puppet – This twelve-inch pig puppet is super cute and makes a beautiful gift for a child. It is realistically styled and crafted from the highest quality fabrics that make it wonderfully soft and cuddly. If you have small children at home, why not set up an animated puppet theater featuring this puppet pig star. You’ll be thanked by all the giddy laughter that you’ll hear!
  • Pig Ring – This is a whimsical jewelry item featuring recessed images of porcine characters made to give the impression of ancient cave paintings. Fashioned from sterling silver, this pig ring would be a delightful gift for that special pig lover in your life. A pig ring may not be on her wish list, so why not give her a wonderful surprise. This ring will also be a conversation piece and shine some well-deserved attention on a highly intelligent but often misunderstood animal. 

4. Zazzle

Zazzle’s online products are designed to enable buyers to add personal touches to any aspects of their lives. The company believes there is no limit to self-expression. With an ever-expanding array of products designed by innovative designers, pig lovers will enjoy browsing through Zazzle’s offerings. 

  • Greeting Cards – If you’re looking for that perfect unique pig-themed birthday card, or any other kind of card, to go with your gift, Zazzle is the place to go. Zazzle’s cards come with vibrant images printed in full color on high-quality paper. Each card is fully customizable for any family member or friend.
  • Flying Pig Dances on Clouds Baby Blanket – This is the perfect gift for a baby shower or a newborn. A pink pig with little white wings dances on clouds embellished with hearts up in a bright blue sky. This blanket is made from polyester fleece and is ultra-soft, warm, and cozy. It comes with so much snuggle that any child will be reluctant to give it up even when they’re out of babyhood.
  • Pig Flying Past Full Moon Playing Cards – Got a hubby or an uncle who loves pigs and playing cards? This is the perfect gift for poker night. This a high-quality set of playing cards, and the printed design is wonderfully artistic. 

5. The Pink Pigs

The Pink Pigs is an online store that donates 100% of its profit to help rescued animals. Every purchase directly impacts the lives of hundreds of rescued animals at Rooterville Animal Sanctuary in Melrose, Florida, which is currently home to over 400 animal residents.

  • Coco Pig Bamboo Chimes – These are the cutest chimes that will make a great gift for a pig-loving friend’s porch. Bamboo gives these chimes a unique musical sound that is mellow and enchanting. Each piece is hand-carved by craftsmen in Bali. Moreover, each of the six bamboo tubes is hand-tuned by musicians so that each produces a unique melody. Click on this link to listen. 
  • Priscilla the Pig Sugarplum Fairy Ornament – The perfect ornament for any pig-lover’s Christmas tree, especially if there’s an aspiring ballerina in the family. This fairy charmer comes outfitted with a violet tutu and fairy wings. Crafted with plush accents and using keepsake-quality materials, this holiday ornament can be passed down through the generations.
  • Space Pig Youth T-Shirt – Do you know a young person who loves space and pigs? This astronaut pig loves leaving the limits of the earth; after all, if pigs can fly, why can’t they also go into outer space? This is a lightweight youth tee made of 100% cotton, except for the heather colors. It’s pre-shrunk, so it will still fit until the wearer grows out of it.

Final Thoughts

There is an assortment of pig jewelry and pig-themed gifts available online. However, why not spend your money where it will do the most good and benefit live pigs and other animals by purchasing from The Pink Pigs. The Pink Pigs is an animal rescue organization that was originally inspired by Daisy and Lily, two pot-bellied piglets who were rescued from a horrible situation. They both were suffering from pneumonia, and it was found that Lily had a blood disease that causes excessive bleeding. These two adorable pigs will live out their lives happily and in good health at an animal sanctuary. So please help to keep The Pink Pigs rescuing more animals in distress by visiting their gift store.