WhatsApp’s Upcoming 3 New Features

Instant messaging WhatsApp brings new features to its users to provide a better chatting experience. A few days back, information was revealed about the advanced search features of the company. At the same time, there is a talk that the company is working on three new features which can be introduced soon. It has a unique self-destructing feature, and with the help of this, the messages sent will disappear automatically. However, the company has not officially disclosed any information related to its upcoming features.

According to a report by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is working on three new features. It includes functions related to Self-Destructing, Password Protection, and Auto Download. But no information has been revealed about how long these new features will be launched in the market. It is also not yet clear that the company will offer this for which platform amongst Android and iOS. Come, let’s know what is special about the upcoming features?

Self-Destructing Feature

Talking about this feature, as per the report, messages sent with the help of this element will be automatically deleted. After it is removed, it will not be known that any message sent is deleted. Users will also be able to use this feature as a cleaning tool.

Password Protection

Another feature that is included in WhatsApp is password protection. After the introduction of this feature, users will get the facility of password protection for chat backup. After which users will be able to set a password for chat backup, and backup will also be encrypted. Let us also tell you that, presently, the chat backup in WhatsApp is saved on Google Drive.


The company is planning to add a new feature to change the auto-download. Right now, the multimedia file in WhatsApp gets downloaded automatically through auto-download, and many times it charges more data. Also, many unwanted files get downloaded. In such a way, WhatsApp is now going to present new features for auto-downloads.