WhatsApp vs. Telegram: Which is better?

whatsapp vs telegram

It’s a ceaseless fight with WhatsApp and Telegram. Despite the fact that WhatsApp is the pioneer of texting, Telegram isn’t too a long ways behind.

Before choosing which application to utilize, find what highlights Telegram has that WhatsApp needs and the other way around. For instance, WhatsApp just has voice messages, while Telegram has voice and video messages. Continue perusing to find what different ways they contrast.

Why should you use WhatsApp?

While you can call your companions with both applications, just WhatsApp enables you to make video calls.


With WhatsApp, you can appreciate changing your status. You can either utilize the great composed status, or you can decide on the one where you can either include pictures or recordings that are restricted to 30 seconds.

You can likewise emphasize, intense, and strikethrough message in WhatsApp. This component proves to be useful when you need a specific piece of your content to emerge.


Making reinforcements of your imperative information is an unquestionable requirement, and that is something you can just do with WhatsApp. Go to Settings > Chats > Chat Backup and pick how frequently you need to reinforcement your visits. It can either be never, just when you tap Backup, every day, week by week or month to month.

The design for WhatsApp is seemingly better since you’re just a single tap far from seeing your calls, status, contacts, and visits.

Why should you use Telegram?

Security is significant for some clients, and Telegram realizes that. That is the reason the application enables clients to make mystery talks that have a self-destruct clock and don’t permit sending or screen captures. Select to what extent you need your message to last, and once the time is up, the message will vanish. The mystery talks likewise utilize end-to-end encryption and leave no follow-on Telegram’s servers.

Changing your phone number is simpler on Telegram than on WhatsApp. Go into Telegram’s settings and tap on the phone alternative that demonstrates your phone number. You’ll get a notice informing you that all with respect to your information, media, messages, and so forth will be exchanged for your new phone number.


Your contacts will get your new number naturally in the event that they had your old number and weren’t hindered by you. This is helpful since it spares you from telling everybody that you got another number.

Utilize different dialects while messaging? With Telegram, it’s anything but difficult to have your phone in one dialect and Telegram in another. By going into the application’s settings and tapping on the Language alternative, you can browse dialects, for example, German, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, and Japanese.

With WhatsApp, your phone and the application must be in a similar language.

Text size


The greater the content is, the less demanding it is to peruse. Both applications enable you to expand the extent of the content, yet Telegram can build it the most. You can pick a particular number to set the span of the content.

Making bunches is another extraordinary component both applications offer. Be that as it may, with Telegram, you can include upwards of 5,000 individuals, while WhatsApp just gives you a chance to indicate 256 individuals.

Have you ever known about Telegram bots? If not, they’re outsider applications that you can just run while utilizing the application. With these bots, you can do things, for example, make custom devices, coordinate with different administrations, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg!

In case you’re in a gathering with a lot of clients, the warnings can make you insane. Numerous clients discover some genuine feelings of serenity by quieting the warnings. Be that as it may, imagine a scenario where somebody notices you. The message will just send you a notice on the off chance that somebody notices you and just you.

With regards to sending substantial documents, Telegram gets the high ground. With WhatsApp, you can just send records that are 16 MB or littler, however, Telegram enables you to send documents up to 1.5 GB.

Whats common?

The main role of both applications is to give the most ideal texting background. With both applications, you have to enroll your phone number. They additionally offer highlights, for example, sharing recordings, making gatherings, sharing pictures, making voice calls, and messages.


Message conveyance affirmation is another helpful element of both applications share. They highlight the well-known check marks; however, WhatsApp makes it one stride further.

While both applications demonstrate the two check marks when you send the message, just WhatsApp’s has perused receipts that turn blue when the other individual opens the message.

WhatsApp message read receipt

WhatsApp and Telegram enable you to duplicate, erase, and forward your messages. Around there, Telegram has the high ground with regards to the messages you send.

With WhatsApp, you need to re-sort and re-send your message on the off chance that you need it to be without a blunder, yet that is not the situation with Telegram. Tap on your message, and underneath the forward alternative, you’ll see the choice to alter and erase your messages. We as a whole commit errors, and it’s awesome to have the choice to adjust those mix-ups.

For some, end-to-end encryption is an absolute necessity has in a texting application. That is the reason both applications at present have this security technique empowered to keep your substance safe.


Let be honest, in some cases composing on your portable console isn’t the most effortless. Composing on your PC’s console is more agreeable, so you might be more disposed to utilize WhatsApp’s or Telegram’s web application. Be that as it may, which one would it be a good idea for you to utilize?

whatsapp telegram

When you open Telegram’s desktop application, it looks fundamentally the same as WhatsApp aside from a couple of contrasts. For instance, the choices to send records, pictures, stickers, and so on are all adjacent to the content box at the base.

WhatsApp’s desktop application has the record sharing alternative at the best. It is anything but an enormous disadvantage; however, WhatsApp ought to have all their document sharing choices in a single place like Telegram. It’s simply more advantageous that way.


While WhatsApp has more standard highlights, Telegram has more security disapproved of highlights. On Telegram, it’s likewise less demanding to make a mysterious record by purchasing a SIM card particularly for Telegram and after that utilizing a VPN to associate.

Then again, WhatsApp has done a lot of battling against mass observation. Also, WhatsApp just for the most part has a larger number of clients than Telegram.

In the event that being mysterious is basic to you, go for Telegram. In any case, WhatsApp completes having a tendency to have more highlights.

Now its about your choice. Which one do you prefer more? Let us know in the comment section below.