What you do your old used computer

Are you tired of your old PC? Its capabilities are no longer enough to cope with the tasks? Not sure where to sell a used computer? We will help you!

Selling used PCs has always been a problem. This is not surprising. As a rule, a person who needs a good computer “collects” it, buying its component parts separately. Every detail is especially carefully chosen by those who need a PC for games. Of course, not everyone wants to buy a whole PC, especially if it’s not new.

How much can you sell a computer for?

Often, users simply don’t know how much you can buy a computer for, so as not to cost too much. It all depends on the following parameters:

The overall level of health used by the computer as a whole

Options, availability of peripherals and characteristics

PC release year

Also, the presence or absence of defects, etc., affects the purchase amount.

In general, if you want to sell a used computer, but do not know how, call our specialized purchase and the problem will be solved in a couple of hours, or even faster.

The options are as follows:

  • sell your old computer yourself
  • give up the equipment
  • disassemble for parts and sell each spare part separately
  • when buying a new computer, turn in the old one as part of the recycling program, open in many computer stores
  • give for recycling to special companies
  • to hand in the scrap metal yourself.

Self-sale of computers

Anyone can post an ad on websites on the Internet and social networks. The process of placing an ad is very simple: You need to choose a site and publish the prepared text and photo.

The ad text should contain a full description of the item to be sold, which should contain approximately the following information:

  • description of the case, its manufacturer and model, condition (whole, scratched, broken)
  • processor specifications
  • description of the video card, including brand, amount of video memory, etc.
  • RAM size
  • the presence of a hard disk and the volume of each of them
  • power supply description
  • the presence of a CD-DVD-drive
  • if any, a description of the components.

You can specify a personal assessment of the status of the PC, the presence of a monitor or other devices included in the kit.

Ads that do not contain such information are not very popular among users. The lack of data does not allow us to assess the utility of the equipment sold and the adequacy of the price set. Too high a price will scare the buyer away, and too low will look suspicious.

Setting a reasonable price is also an important issue. The easiest option is to find ads with similar technology and set the price just below the maximum. But if the computer is very old or was assembled manually, which means it has a unique bundle, then there will be no similar announcements. Then you can estimate all the costs of assembling the computer and indicate in the ad cost 50−70% lower than the purchase

The demand for technology from such organizations is very high, but financing, carried out mainly from the regional budget, is barely enough for daily needs. Buying computers for them is an absolutely impossible event.

From the point of view of finance, the owner of the equipment does not receive any benefit, but the words of gratitude from the recipients of the gift are also a kind of currency that cannot be spent.

Image credit: used computer via Creative Stock Studio/Shutterstock

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