What to Look for in Good Dental Website Design?

Dental Website

Every good dental practice needs a website. However, some designs are much more effective than others. For 2020, let us take a very close look at what to look for in good dental website design.


To start things off, a good dental website provides all the relevant info. At the top of the page, a title should name the dental office and its location. The site should also name the practicing dentists and their qualifications. Throughout the page, there should be details about all the services that the office provides and how clients can schedule an appointment. In a nutshell, a visitor should be able to find everything they need within a few clicks. Of course, they might have additional questions about their particular situation. You’ll also want to provide your phone number and email address so they can make these inquiries. The good news is, most of this is common sense. A dentist should be proud of their services and try to entice patients to make appointments. When all the important info is at their fingertips, people won’t hesitate to make these arrangements.


At the same time, a good website design for dentists should be simple overall. There is a time and a place for intricate websites, but this isn’t one of them. The dentist’s actions should speak for themselves in the office, and the site is simply a way of keeping everyone informed. There is no need for tons of hyperlinks and popup windows. This will distract from the main message and the purpose of the dentist. In addition, not everyone who visits the website will be tech savvy. It’s entirely possible that some people will be confused by elements that are overly colorful or demanding. Simple frameworks and simple ways of displaying content are best. Website design for dentists is similar to good design for other companies. It’s all about getting the message across while not detracting from your image. Test the layout with a couple of friends and see if they have issues locating buttons.

Lots of Images

One thing that people do enjoy looking at are images. You can display images of successful procedures or your smiling team members. Compared to text, images are very easy on the eye and never a bad choice. You can put a couple of photos on the front page and even include a tab that links to an image gallery. Slideshows that rotate through a predetermined set of images are also great for keeping content fresh. At the center of all these images, include a single video that breaks down the philosophy behind your dentistry. You really can’t go wrong when you mix all these media formats.


Hyperlinks are crucial to good dental website design. As we all know, dental care is a very broad and foreign topic to many of us. Although the dentist will provide valuable info at every visit, there are bound to be lingering questions afterward. Hyperlinks to other medical sites are an absolute must for any dental website. Patients will be able to learn about the latest research and best practices for caring for their teeth. In essence, any link that goes to a government website or health organization can be trusted. Patients will be glad to know that there are sites out there that have their backs at all times. In the middle of the night, clients can reference these sites in case they need quick and reliable help. When editing the website, make sure these links are properly formatted and sourced. A dead hyperlink that leads to nowhere is a disappointment to everyone involved. The internet changes all the time, so make sure to keep up with the latest resources.

Professional Design

Overall, professionalism is something you should always strive for. It’s very obvious when a website was thrown together in a matter of minutes or carefully constructed by a team of professionals. Website design for dentists is a common trend that more and more dentists are turning to. When you have the input of experienced designers, it makes the process so much easier. You’ll be up to date on the latest practices and won’t miss out on key elements to make your website soar. SEO is so important to rising in search engine rankings and increasing visibility. When your website is stocked with keywords and professional elements, you’ll be all set for success in this regard.

Always Up to Date

Last but not least, a good dental website should be kept up to date. There’s nothing worse than an outdated website that doesn’t provide any useful info. Patients will visit the site only to be disappointed by the dates. Moreover, it’s simply a bad look for your business. It shows a lack of effort and consideration for the tech side of things. When patients do come in for a visit, you might have to answer awkward questions about why the site is so lackluster. Fortunately, website maintenance isn’t that difficult at all. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be an expert in HTML or coding at all. There are many tools to create your own website and make modifications on the fly. This is a perfect job for someone at the front desk who has constant access to a computer.


When all is said and done, these are some important things to look for in good dental website design. You want to inform your patients about upcoming appointments and highlight your services. Implement good dental website design, which will improve the quality of your care!