What to know when applying for an Indian passport.

Indian passport

If you have the travel bug in you and would love to leave the country and tour the world, then you would certainly be in need of an Indian passport. However, you’re not the only one.

People who work overseas may also choose to apply for an Indian passport for ease of travel and vacations. Knowing the process by which you can apply for an indian passport would be important if you fall in any one of these categories.

The online passport application process

While in the past, people had to stand in long queues at the passport office, wait for their number to be called out and then move from one counter to the next, the application process for an Indian Passport has now become a whole lot easier.

You begin by heading over to the passport seva portal and choose to apply for a new passport. Fill in all the details that are required over there before moving on to the next stage. However, it doesn’t end there. You need to make sure you take an appointment with your nearest passport office so that you can complete the process. The online website will display the available days and timings so that you can pick one accordingly.

Once you head in for your appointment, make sure you carry all your original documents along with photocopies as the passport office may need to verify the documents in case of any discrepancies. Check the website to know which documents, besides a birth certificate, ID card, election card and photographs of the right size, are needed to complete the application for your Indian passport.

What are the charges to apply for an Indian Passport?

If you are applying for your passport for the first time, the payment amount will depend on your age. However, usually whether a person is looking to renew their passport and the number of pages they would like to have in their passport will be deciding factors in the amount you will have to pay to apply. A standard passport, whether it is the first or a renewal is INR 1500/- The amount reduces for children below the age of fifteen and is just INR 1000/-.

One thing that applicants should be careful about is the number of fake websites out there that are asking for personal information and charging high amounts to fill passport forms. Applicants should therefore be very careful when applying for an Indian passport by making sure they choose only registered sites.

Is there a need for an Indian passport?

The simple answer would be yes. Not only does a passport serve as a proof of identity, but it is useful to make one and keep it ready, in the event you suddenly need to head out of the country on business or for any other emergency. So if you are looking to cross country borders and move out, whether for work or a holiday, getting an Indian passport will be absolutely essential. Follow the above steps and rest easy knowing your passport will reach your doorstep in a couple of days.

Image credit: Indian passport via Santhosh Varghese/Shutterstock