What to Eat to Avoid Catching Virus : Covid-19

What to eat to boost your immune system and avoid catching Covid-19. In this winter period doubled by an epidemic, it is important to pamper your immune system to avoid contamination or a cold snap.

Discover the ideal diet that will strengthen your immune system and allow you to face this delicate period as well as possible.

The Immune System, What is it?

The immune system is important as it develops our immune defences to resist infections and maintain iron health. Clearly, it is the body’s ability to defend itself against threats to its survival. These threats can be of three kinds:

  • Microbes (viruses, bacteria, fungi)
  • Coronavirus
  • Cancer cells
  • Foreign bodies (splint, a transplanted organ, piece of glass, etc.)

However, depending on the person, the immune system is more or less resistant. Everything depends on the hygiene of life. Food, tobacco, alcohol, stress, sleep, physical activity are all factors that can impact the immune system and make it more or less efficient.

Foods that are good for the immune system

Certain foods boost and strengthen the immune system. To choose them, it is necessary to check their properties and their advantages for the body. They must contain the following elements:

Vitamin A
Vitamin A stimulates the production of antibodies and white blood cells. It is found in egg yolk, butter and all dairy products.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C helps fight free radicals, absorb iron and stimulate the immune system. You can replenish vitamin C with lemon, pepper or blackcurrant.

Zinc is a component that causes the immune system to disrupt if it is not present enough. You will find it in oysters (raw), seafood such as crab or lobster, beef or grilled sesame or squash seeds, but also in lentils.

Probiotics or Prebiotics
These are good bacteria that protect the intestines (flora or microbiota). The flora is linked to the immune system since it represents 70%. It is therefore important to take care of it by adopting a good diet. Bet on yoghurt, miso, sauerkraut, garlic, chia seeds, onions, oats and citrus fruits.

Clearly, bet on a diet rich in fermented and dairy products. Stock up on fruits and vegetables and forget to eat seafood or beef regularly. Sprinkle chia, squash or sesame seeds in your dishes. Your immune system will be stronger than ever!