What to do if the boss is wrong

boss is wrong

Once the boss is wrong there is very little one does except sit and sulk. Read this and get a few tricks on what you should do when the boss acts up.

Annoying bosses, sticky situations

Work as in the proverbial place where people go every Monday to Friday, sometimes Saturdays and Sundays, is a real chore. It is bad enough that you cannot spend your day in or plan things as you want. The chore is much worse when your boss is more than just a professional force to reckon with. Most bosses do not agree when they are wrong. They tend to bully their subordinates. Having a boss that is just like the devil in ‘The devil wears Prada’ May make your working experience much worse than you bargained for.

Take a look at different scenarios that have occurred at the workplace. Have you always been right? How did you approach a case of bullying from your boss? Did it break you down? What would you tell the new intern on his first day of the job? Are you going to be as annoying as your boss was to you?

These are legit questions that you may have to answer if you are interested in sorting out a bad work experience.

Maybe just Wrong?

If you and your boss have a good enough relationship and something comes up that shows that your boss maybe on the wrong side of things.

If that’s the case, going over to him or her and talking out your differences is a good thing to consider. To be on the better side, you need to gather enough proof as well as a possible solution for what may have gone wrong. It is always better not to approach your boss in a vindictive way. That way, your superior does not feel as if you are possibly trying to usurp his authority. Some juniors find themselves rubbing their hands together whenever their bosses get the wrong end of the stick. It is even worse when this boss is a subordinate to another person and that person is coming down heavily on him.

Approaching this in a tentative way can easily make things easy for you. You can bring your case forward in a way that seems like you have your bosses best interest at heart.

A difficult boss?

Trying to reason with a boss that does not really care about you as an employee can be really tasking. Here are some steps you might want to take to make your approach more meaningful.

A. Do your research – unless you also could not care less about your boss, you may want to do some great research before presenting your case. Going on to read several books about the topic or looking into several research works can make you prove to yourself and the boss that you are way ahead of line.

B. Approach tentatively – just like you would a nice boss, take extra caution and strategize how you would approach the situation. It would be wise to seek the counsel of other friends who may be at your boss’ position or higher. They can give you an approach that they would appreciate had they been in your boss’ position.

C. Do not get emotional or offended- talking to a difficult boss about something he may have done wrong is a very daunting experience. Especially if you have history and psychological trauma about that boss. Try to present only facts.

D. Take the easy way – sit back and watch. This is terrible advise, but if your boss is truly someone who is much more difficult to deal with than is necessary, you might want to pass up the idea that it is your place to make that much of a change. Especially if you consult with elders and they advise you that this is way above your pay grade, unless you have a back up job waiting for you, you might want to be quiet and watch things play out. Just get a broom and dustpan ready to clean up after things go really bad, or get another job.

Having a difficult boss is the hardest part of working for money. However, once you have a boss that is understanding and well adjusted, especially to the fact that human beings make mistakes sometimes, you could present your case forward. Just bear in mind that being professional goes a longer way than being emotional even if you are right and they are wrong. 

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