What To Do If I Accidentally Deleted My Homework

Tips and techniques that will help you recover deleted files quickly

Have you ever lost a very important document? It is tear-jerking to lose a file after taking hours or even days creating it to beat the deadline. Many students have lost very important documents including homework, research work, dissertations and other lengthy papers on the computer at some point. The feeling is terrible; if you have not yet lost a file, you will not have a clear understanding how. But the best thing is today you will learn ways to avoid this predicament and prepare for such time ahead.  The most important reminder is: Always remember to save your work and create a backup copy for each file.

5 common mistakes and recovery options

If you accidentally highlight a passage, a sentence or even some pages then you press a letter or a symbol, the highlighted work will be deleted, and you will end up with the symbol or the letter. It sounds frightening, but it’s easy to fix, go to Edit then Undo before saving the document.

In case of a computer crash the paper will disappear, always set up an automatic save option, go to tools then options then go to save, check on auto recover option and adjust the recovery minutes.  Check the box Always Create a Backup Copy.

Delete paper accidentally:   this is the most common mistakes, and many people have become a victim of the fingers act. The solution is here; go to recycle bin and once you have located the file click on it then click Restore.  If the file is not visible, use the Search Hidden Files and Folders option.  If using Microsoft, try using the windows system; go to start, search then select advanced search then search hidden files.

Saved the file and couldn’t find it:  this happens if you save your files in temp or other unidentified location; it creates a crazy feeling doesn’t it!  Don’t worry, go to temporary file or do an Advanced Search.

Saved the document in your thumb drive and it is invisible, is it lost?

It doesn’t mean that if the file is unseen, the information is lost, it is somewhere. To recover your homework, you will need

  • The USB drive
  • The computer PC to plug the thumb drive
  • Kroll OntrackEasyRecovery Software, Download a trial Copy from The Kroll Website for free.

The recovery process will take at most 30 minutes.

Step 1: Plug your drive into your PC.  Run the Kroll OntrackEasyRecovery Software, click Continue.

Step 2:  Select memory device from the Choose Media Type screen. Click Continue.

Step 3: Select your thumb drive from the Select Volume to Scan screen. Click Continue

Step 4: A prompt will appear on which you will be required to insert your name and password. Done! Click OK then click Continue.

Step 5: Select the Deleted File Recovery option on the Choose Recovery Scenario screen, click Continue

Step 6: A Check Your Options screen will appear, confirm the settings; media type, volume and the recovery scenario if the settings are fine, click Continue, if not click Go Back.

Step 7: The EasyRecovery software will begin scanning your drive looking for the deleted files.  Once the scan is complete, information screen will appear then click OK.

Step 8:  Save Your Files screen will appear, here you will be able to access recovered files from your drive.  Type the file name on the search box at the top right corner of the screen if you cannot remember the whole name, type part of the file name and begin searching for your deleted homework.  EasyRecovery software will show a list of files with the title you searched for.

Step 9: Press Ctrl on your keyboard then Right-click on your file. Select Save As then select desktop to save your file then click Save.

Step 10:  EasyRecovery will inform you of a successful saving process. Click OK.

Print out your homework, or email it to your tutor. Copy it back to your USB drive.  Hopefully, it will help recover your file before the deadline elapses.

Hope it helps.  Learn more from EasyRecovery.com

5 tips to avoid losing your work

  • Save your work often, use iCloud to back up your work.
  • Send yourself a copy of your paper to your email, for long papers send a copy every time you make an update on the document.
  • Save the document every time you stop working on it. Save a copy to the hard drive and save another copy to the external drive.
  • Observe the YES option, every time the computer asks if you want to save the changes choose yes. Always looks at the location you are going to save the document to avoid losing your file.
  • Always save a file with one name to avoid confusion of having two files. In case two versions of your work appear; always open the recently saved document because it will be the updated version.

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