What to consider when choose a Private Proxy


Proxy is an invention that has made millions of lives easier, smoother, and safer than ever before. Proxies are basically used to hide ones real IP address. They provide a new IP address to Internet users which they can use for various reasons As the name suggests, private proxy is a server of network that can be used by only one person privately. He will not have to share his connection or server with anyone. Unlike shared proxies where one server can be used by various Internet users who share same IP authentication as well, private proxies are entirely used by one user at time. A unique username, password, and IP address (or MAC) is provided to the user by the company that he chooses and then he is free to perform all of his Internet related tasks being anonymous and completely private.

The primary reason to get hands on a private proxy is to enjoy content that you do not want to share with anyone. It can contain blocked websites as well. Many companies need to use such proxies for keeping their deals and information hidden from all eternal bodies. While youth prefer these proxies to get freedom to do whatever they wish to do on Internet.

Some private proxies also change the language of the content which is present on websites belonging to different countries. It is one of the most amazing features of private proxy. People can use this feature for different purposes like education, movies, games, shopping, etc.

Moreover, he will get access to an entirely unique IP address which will be used by him all alone. Since he will not have to share the connection with anyone, he will able to enjoy Internet with the perfect speed possible. There will be no connection problems as the interne twill be used by one person only. The user can enjoy uploading and downloading during all the hours of day and night. Private proxy also lasts longer than other shared kinds of proxies because they are mastered by only one user at a time. Other proxies have a lot of users so they can start showing problems as soon as you start making use of them in shared environments.



Different type of proxies offer varied anonymity level on proxy header. One of the greatest advantages of private proxy is that it provides greatest anonymity.Internet user can perform all of his Internet activities freely and confidently without worrying about logs or anything because private proxies never keep history or information of logs of the users. Moreover, danger of hacking and stalking is zero because no one can reach at the online activities of the user. No one can reach your Internet and perform any malicious work (which is very easy these days in case if proxies are not used).



One of the reasons why we can prefer private proxy on shared proxy is its speed. Since no one has to share the server, Internet is always very fast. Uploading and downloading can be done very much easily all the time. Users will never fed up of the server which can sometimes happen while using shared proxies where because of so many users of the same Internet server, system may become slow.



It protects the identity of a computer by keeping all the online data safe and by making the user completely anonymous for the whole world of Internet. They are very easy to install as well. They are best for youngsters because youngsters are very conscious of their privacy on social media these days. Hacking (for different purposes) is one of the reasons why private proxies are preferred by youngsters these days.


Access to blocked websites

Another important feature of private proxy is that Internet users can reach out and get access to use various blocked websites (e.g. amazon, YouTube, etc.) and can use them freely. Not only this, it also avoids and blocks all kinds of spam automatically so security is never disturbed. High level security is the biggest promise of private proxy as it provides unique Internet address and authenticated access.



Private proxies are available at different companies. Their rates vary as they depend upon features and qualities. Some companies give free proxies as well while others need you to pay monthly. However, they might cost you a little more money than shared proxies because of the features they provide.



Private proxies are very much reliable than shared proxies because when you use a shared proxy, many of the websites can be banned on your IP address. Whereas, private proxies give access to all kinds of restricted websites.