What Song Is This?

In the recent era, technology has reshaped the way we do most of our daily activities, and from those few activities music industry has undergone significant transformation. Before if we wanted to search for a song it was a tough ask, but now it’s just the matter of asking, what song is this? Moreover, you will get the answer in no time.

Now you can quickly find any music that you hear and don’t know about, we have Apps that recognize audio by listing any tune you play around them. Moreover, they let you share it with your friends online. So, you do not have to ask anybody What Song is This, from now on.

If you have any other mobile app or software that might help you find the songs and music you like, then do share them with us.

A) Finding Music with a Mobile Phone

music ID

1. Music ID


Play any music on your iPhone and MusicID can tell you about the song being played. It’s an iPhone App that is available worldwide for only $3 but if you’re on AT&T, you also may use your Windows Mobile, Blackberry, or any Java based phone to identify a music piece with MusicID.

It works with only pre-recorded music pieces and they have SMS based service also for people living in the US which doesn’t need any downloads – simply dial one short code, play some music on your phone and you’ll obtain a text message having the result.


2. Shazam


It is a mobile app which you can make use of in order to find song’s names from your BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, or Nokia S60 phone. In addition, you can use Shazam on your iPod Touch provided you’ve an external microphone.

You just need to install Shazam application, hold the phone towards an audio source and then hit Tag button to allow Shazam identify the music being played. Shazam works with the pre-recorded music only and not with the live performances.

Shazam’s free version will help you to identify up to five different tracks per month while the Shazam Encore that is the paid version, provides unlimited tracking just for $4.99. If you cannot recognize whats the song, there’s no charge. In case you’re in the UK, then you can use about any phone to identify music with Shazam –dial 2580 and then hold your mobile phone to music.


3. Soundhound


Another similar service to Shazam where you have a app on your mobile device and pressing the orange button will enable it to listen and then find out about the particular song.

B) Finding a song name by Singing or Humming


4. Midomi


If you’ve a tune which is stuck inside your head, then just take the microphone, sing the tune or start humming and Midomi will tell you whats that song. Instead, you may play short recording of the “unknown” track to identify the name for Midomi.

Its somewhat similar to Shazam, but it works on web interface (in a browser), I really liked the service as it require you to sing or hum and usually this works. Just check that your background is quite and there is no undesirable sound near you.

C) Recording short clip to recognize the song


5. AudioTag


It enables you to upload a song or a short music piece which you have on your mobile phone or computer and with their database search you could probably have good chances to get the title of the song.

Generally speaking its much practical as you record a music which you liked on your phone and need to know what was that song.

D) Identifying Music with humans help


6. Name My Tune


Hum or sing a short piece of the song which you’re trying to locate the name of. When you are finished recording and entered the Era and Genre which you think that song most probably fits in. They will send you email when other individuals on that website are able to identify your tune.


7. WatZatSong


When the computers fail to recognize the song which you are in search of, then you can take help of humans who might have some idea about that particular song.

WatZatSong (“Whats that song?”) is the social site where one can upload any short MP3 recording of a song and the other members of this site can help you to guess the song’s name. The hints won’t come immediately; however, you can make the task a little bit simpler by offering more details about that song like its music style or language in which it’s sung.

You can also post the same request to some other social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. so your whole network can aid you in the lyrics search.

E) Using virtual keyboard to discover the song’s name


8. Musipedia


 With this, you can look for any song either by playing it on virtual keyboard or by just whistling it to a computer using a microphone. Musipedia is similar to Wikipedia and it works finest at finding the classical music. Distinct from Shazam which only can find songs that match the recording exactly, Musipedia can recognize all music which contains a specific melody which you recorded through your computer keyboard or by humming presently.

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