What should you know before buying the router?

Maximum people have confusion because if you look at the market right now you can get WiFi routers just around rupee thousand or less than $20.

Now a days we have a huge range of routers. 

First let’s talk about choosing a wireless router.

  • Number of clients.
  • Type of device.
  • Size of coverage area.
  • Performance.
  • Allow us to use all features.
  • USB port.
  • Default Ip Address Such as

1. Single band router

  • Single band router operates on 2.5GHz band.


  • least expensive.
  • Perfect to web suffering and social media services.

2. Dual band

  • Dual band router operates on 5GHz band.


  • Streaming video from a services like NETFLIX.
  • Online gaming services like Xbox Live.
  • Free up the load assigning a WiFi band to a specific APP and client.

3. Tri-band

  • Tri-band router 1x 2.4GHz and 2x 5GHz bands.


  • Good for houses with heavy network traffic.
  •  Lots of video streaming, torrent downloading, file transfer, Online gaming.

About Protocols.


  • To send and receive data wireless network make use of 802.11 protocols.
  • Devices with the older  standers are limited to data rate 11-54Mbps for a second and only operates on 2.4GHz frequency.


  • The most used WiFi protocol is 802.11n and maximum data rate 600Mbps and operates in both 2.4 and 5GHz bands. It utilizes MIMO(multiple input multiple output) technology.


  • The 802.11ac technology brings several improvements related to previous protocol. It offer wider channel bandwidth (up to 160 Hz compared with 40Hz) more MIMO spatial streams and beamforming.

Beamforming:- It is a technology that sends WiFi signals directly to the client rather than broadcasting in all direction.

  • The 802.11ac protocol downstream the multi user MIMO(MU-MIMO) provides bandwidth to multiple devices simultaneously rather than sequentially.


  • To connect to the wired devices look for the router with at least  4x 10/100/1000(Gigabit) Ethernet ports and 1 USB or 2x USB 3.0 port. and try to choose routers with removal antennas.

Managing WiFi router:-

  • If you want to manage your WiFi Network make sure you have access to  routerlogin so You can change Settings such as

1. Parental controls

2.Quality of services option

3. Guest Network features.

Parent control:- It allows you to limit network access for certain users in specific time and days. This idea is for the parents who wants to manage their child online

gaming and social networking activates.

Quality of services:- with this you can decide which applications and client get network priority.

Guest network features:- With the guest network you can create a separate network with the password without leaving your network vulnerable.


  • Plug a storage device into the back of your router.
  • It helps you sharing the data with any device on the network.
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