What Should You Know About THC Cartridge In 2022?

THC Cartridge

A THC cartridge is the life-bringer of THC vape pens. These cartridges are filled with cannabis oil or concentrate in various compositions. Depending on the State you reside in, you can get THC carts containing delta 8, delta 9, or full-spectrum THC oil. These days these carts have been trendy. The primary reason for the popularity of these THC vape carts is the ease of use.

How THC vape cartridges work:

The THC cartridges work similarly to a cannabis joint, except you heat a liquid from a container, compared to burning buds. In both techniques, heating is involved; however, THC cartridges require a temperature between 325 F to 430 F. Whereas in smoking, the temperature is around 2000 F.

So, in smoking, because of the higher temperature, the terpenes and other active cannabinoids mostly get destroyed. At the same time, vaping cartridges let you enjoy all terpenes and cannabinoids through vapor.

So, let’s see what you should know about THC cartridges in 2022.

Future of THC cartridges:

THC cartridges are one of the fastest-growing sub-industry in the cannabis sector. These cartridges come under the packaging material, and due to the growing trend of THC vapes, soon it will be a multi-billion industry. According to a Smithers report, the global cannabis packaging material market will reach over $1.6 billion by 2024. It means the craze of vaping and vape cartridges isn’t going to fade anytime soon.

Benefits of THC cartridges:

There are so many benefits of THC vape cartridges that it does seem impossible to cover them in a single article. You would be impressed to find that besides giving psychological high and other recreational benefits, it has various possible health benefits.

You would be surprised to know that party people love THC carts. These THC carts have been hugely in demand recently. As these carts could help you blow some steam, you can use them for your house party. Besides, the effects of THC cartridges start showing almost instantly. Because of this, you will get the mind and body high immediately, the prerequisite of a successful party.

The recreational properties of THC come from the interaction between the endocannabinoid system and THC. Because of this interaction, THC produces a solid and intense mind high. If you want to experience a weaker high, consider delta 8 THC vape cartridges. These cartridges have all the effects of delta 9 THC carts but are not so intense.

No Smell:

You hate the typical burning smell of cannabis flowers, and vape cartridges have covered you. As the vape pens work by heating, there is no characteristic smell of burning. The slight smell often fades within minutes and gives you the desired discreteness. So, to be discreet and free of the typical burning cannabis smell, you should start vaping THC.

Better Taste:

Do you know that vapes have also covered you on the flavor front besides providing an instant hit? You can find a whole new lot of flavors, and you aren’t going to get bored with vaping THC.

During smoking cannabis, the high temperature often burns the terpenes completely. These terpenes are responsible for giving the signature taste of each variant and flavor. Comparatively, vape pens operate by heating the THC oil of the cartridge. And because the vapor is produced at a lower temperature than smoke, the terpenes get preserved. So you can enjoy different flavors and tastes while vaping.

Powerful punch:

You would be impressed that THC carts give a much stronger high than any other medium. As per the report from MAPS and California NORML, vape pens could convert over 45% of the THC present in cannabis into vapor. Compared to this, a typical joint can only transform about 25% of THC.

It’s because a significant amount of active cannabinoids gets lost in between each drag or passing around friends. The temperature is much lower during vaping, which helps preserve the precious terpenes and cannabinoids.


Will you trust us if we say vaping can save you money? Yes, we are being totally honest because, cost-wise, smoking cannabis is a costly affair. While you may not notice this, you waste a significant amount of THC while passing around the joints in your group. On the other hand, a vape only produces the vapor when you take a puff from it. So, with a vape cartridge, the days of your burning THC and money are over.

Safer Alternative:

What if we tell you that vaping cannabis is safer than a joint? It’s true because when you light a joint, you burn various other chemicals present in that joint other than THC. Some of these chemicals may cause various diseases.

Like cigarettes, smoking THC also reduces several harmful toxins. For example, there is tar and ammonia in cigarettes, which accumulate in the lungs during prolonged smoking. Moreover, various carcinogens are present in cigarettes, and the chances of getting cancer increase when you smoke one.

In a 2007 study, the researchers compared the blood level of people who smoked cannabis and vaped. The researchers found that the blood monoxide levels were significantly lower in people who vaped cannabis. In another study from 2010, the researchers found that former marijuana smokers experienced an ease in breathing after 1 month of starting vaping. So, switching to vape cartridges from joints and other smoky options may help improve your health.


Vaping is a more subtle technique than smoking; knowing the benefits of vaping helps you decide better. Once you consider all these things, you will learn that using a vape cartridge instead of joints is better. However, not all vape cartridges contain quality products, so buy them from credible sources.